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"Blanchard" Material

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  • Michael Brown
    It was asked about what the Blanchard material is. Here is a longer post, basically something I wrote for another organization I do leadership training for.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      It was asked about what the "Blanchard" material is. Here is a
      longer post, basically something I wrote for another organization I
      do leadership training for. This might help.

      Situational Leadership was codeveloped by Drs Paul Hersey and Ken
      Blanchard. The term is currently a registered trademark of the
      Center for Leadership Studies (http://www.situational.com/), which is
      Hersey's company that provides SL training. Their main work on SL
      is "Management of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources",
      now in its 8th edition. This is a BIG book and is probably a bit
      much for most people. I don't really recommend it unless you really
      want to get into SL. Hersey has a smaller work called "The
      Situational Leader", which is easier to read (and a lot cheaper). (I
      got lucky and found a copy at a used bookstore.)

      Now, in 1985, Ken Blanchard and others updated SL, and called it
      Situational Leadership II. SLII is copyrighted by the Ken Blanchard
      Companies (http://www.blanchardtraining.com/). Now, some may be
      familiar with Blanchard from all the "One Minute Manager" books,
      since he's the co-author of that with Spencer Johnson (of 'Who Moved
      my Cheese fame'). (both Blanchard & Johnson have made a cottage
      industry of 1MM spin offs). While you may not care for the various
      1MM books, there are a couple you'll want to look at. Pretty much
      the easiest way to learn about SLII is by getting "Leadership and the
      One Minute Manager". Another one you'll want to get is "The One
      Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams" which covers how SLII is
      linked with the Team Development Model to create the Team Leadership
      Model. (as noted, on Wood Badge staff we were expected to read both
      these 1MM books to prepare ourselves for SL & TLM).

      The Team Development Model was created by a guy named Bruce Tuckman
      in 1965, who used the terms "Forming Storming Norming Performing",
      and later adding "Adjourning" in 1975. Someone (maybe Blanchard)
      combined the TDM with SL to come up with the Team Leadership Model,
      which Blanchard called "High Performing teams".

      Bottom line, if you want to get a good handle on Situational
      Leadership and TDM/TLM, getting those 2 1MM books will help. (good
      luck finding them used. I seldom do. Seems like few of the REALLY
      good business books wind up in used bookstores. Hmmmm)

      Also, when we presented the concepts of SL, TDM, and TLM in scouting,
      we make heavy use of video clips. This seemed to really make it
      clear for participants. There are several good 'leadership' movies
      out there that are pretty good at showing the development of a leader
      and their team. Here are a few I've seen used:

      * Hoosiers (watch washed out coach Gene Hackman take his underdog
      team to the championship)
      * Remember the Titans (watch black coach Denzel Washington get his
      newly integrated team to overcome racism and win the championships)
      * October Sky (watch a coal miner's son get his classmates to build
      rockets in the era of sputnik, as a way to get out of their dead-end
      mining town).

      In all 3 you'll see the different stages of the Team Development
      Model and different leadership styles (both good and bad). The OA's
      National Leadership Seminar shows an edited version of Hoosiers, Wood
      Badge shows October Sky. Both show clips from Titans and other

      With the changes in NYLT & WB, wonder how this will affect NLS...

      (oh, and all these 3 are based on true stories...)

      Hope this is of use.

      Michael Brown
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