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Re: [Scouter_T] Training Formats

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  • JNDunnMN@aol.com
    In a message dated 9/23/2005 11:44:57 AM Central Daylight Time, collshow@frii.com writes: ....I d love to receive your training schedules (calendars) and/or
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      In a message dated 9/23/2005 11:44:57 AM Central Daylight Time,
      collshow@... writes:

      ....I'd love to receive your training schedules
      (calendars) and/or training agendas and/or ideas/input on use of
      facilities and staffing with multiple training events executed
      simultaneously (big house, lots of rooms, various training's same time,
      different staffs). Anyone do this before?

      We use this format twice a year. Here's the schedule (to the best of my
      recollection). The numbers in parentheses after each course are approximate
      numbers of participants for the fall courses for the last three years.

      8:00 SM/ASM Position Specific training begins (15)
      8:00 Den Chief Training begins (20-30)
      8:45 NLE begins (45-50)
      9:00 Venturing Leader Specific Training begins (10-15)
      10:00 Troop Committee Challenge begins (10-15)
      10:30 NLE ends
      10:45 Cub Scout Leader Position Specific training (5 sessions in 5 rooms)
      12:00 Lunch
      12:00 Den Chief training ends
      12:00? Troop Committee Challenge ends
      1:00 Troop Advancement Training begins
      1:30 CS Position Specific training ends
      1:45 Youth Protection Training begins (25)
      2:00 Troop Advancement Training ends (10)
      2:45 Youth Protection Training ends
      3:00 Venturing Leader Specific Training ends
      5:00 SM/ASM Position specific training ends

      As you can see - we have as many as 175 learners at this event. Lest you
      think this is a lot, we have 1500 registered leaders in our district serving 44
      packs, 27 troops and 15 crews.

      Training compliment is as follows:
      NLE - 2 trainers
      SM/ASM - 4-5 trainers
      Den Chief - 2 trainers
      Troop Committee - 1-2 trainers
      Venturing Leader - 3 trainers
      Cub Position Specific 5-7 trainers (two are same as NLE staff)
      Troop Advancement - 1 trainer (District Advancement chair)
      YP - 1 trainer - same a NLE staff

      Plus - we use 3-4 individuals as registrars/quartermasters, who sign people
      in, hustle VCR's, easels, etc., set up food, clean up food, run for copies.
      Both of our professionals attend (we have a DD and a DE) and they take charge
      of the money at the end of registration (only about 1/3 of our leaders
      preregister for these events, no matter how much we beg). Total staff is approx 25.

      If we could get more trainers, we would offer supplemental training, but
      this exhausts a large portion of our resources.

      We repeat this event in the spring, with about 2/3 the attendance.

      Jamie Niss Dunn
      Pack Trainer
      P. 512
      Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      Cub Scout Training Chair
      3 Rivers District

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