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Re: [Scouter_T] Web Site Set-up

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  • Mitzy Lott
    www.cubscout.ws has free hosting for any Scouting Organization brant@lippincott.us wrote:There are a number of companies that do web hosting - some for more -
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 28, 2005
      www.cubscout.ws has free hosting for any Scouting Organization

      brant@... wrote:There are a number of companies that do web hosting - some for more - some less. I use YAHOO. It's $12/month for a "small busines" account. I had originally planed to do a lot more than what I've done, but who knows where all the time goes. I've got 10 email accounts. You can buy more accounts and more space, but, like I said, I have not done much, so the defaults are plenty for me. They also acquire the domain for me.

      They have a tool (free) to set up pages or you can upload from Front Page, write your own HTML, etc.

      All I did was sign up and a day opr so later, it was available. Then I played... Sometime later, I will play more. Feel free to visit. Like I said, it's not much....

      I checked into www.lippincott.com .net and .org - all squatted on by some company looking to make a buck. the .us suffix is intended for folks living in the us. You might find that www.pack###.com is owned by some other pack, but you should be able to find that www.pack###City.com is available.

      Brant Lippincott

      SeanWaiss@... wrote:
      Okay, time for what is probably a simple question but one which I am probably over-analyzing. I'm considering setting up a pack web site using a registered domain name instead of Yahoo or the like. I would also like to be able to set up several e-mail accounts using the same domain (_cubmaster@domain_ (mailto:cubmaster@domain) , each den leader, etc). I know that DecisionDesign will host the domain for me if I use their software, which I do not have an issue with (yet). However I cannot seem to figure out what the offerings are on register.com and the like, where I would purchase the domain name.

      Hence my question. For those of you who have done something similar to this can you giude me (and others who might be interested) through the process? I assume I first purchase the domain name. But what is a reasonable fee for the name and up to fifteen low volume e-mail accounts? Once I have the name and e-mail accounts is it a simple matter of plugging in the specific info in DecisionDesign's hosting software, or am what I wish to do too complicated for that hosting service? Any recommendations on free or low-cost hosting?

      I am not versed in Microsoft FrontPage or the like, but am not averse to learning it if needed. I would like it to be as simple as possible for when the time comes that I would turn it over to someone else to maintain (even though that might not be for many years, as I have a two-year-old that will join when he is eligible).

      I guess I'm looking for a "Dummies Guide" for creating a site and e-mail, without the cost of the book if ine exists. Any help would be appreciated (I know that both Sean Scott and Bill smith are busy at NatJam, and they are some of the web experts in these groups, but I know there have to be others as well - Leslie maybe?).

      Sean A. Waiss
      Pack Trainer, Pack 543, Aurora, IL
      Cub Roundtable Staff, Indian Prairie District
      Three Fires Council, St. Charles, IL

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