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  • jomarshall57
    I have a copy of the old Wood Badge syllabus, and would be willing to scan and pdf the Effective Training section if you can t get it another way. The new Wood
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 14, 2005
      I have a copy of the old Wood Badge syllabus, and would be willing to
      scan and pdf the Effective Training section if you can't get it
      another way.

      The new Wood Badge syllabus is supposed to be out in September, so
      we'll see. The old one is not supposed to be used after June 30 of
      this year. The new scheme is that they will be giving out 3 admin
      guides and 15 syllabuses each year. In our area those will be
      distributed at the area conference that certifies the new course
      directors. There will not be a "Blanchard fee", but there will be a
      fee to cover those costs, and, presumably, the copyright of the video
      clips they are still using. Last I heard, those had not yet been set.
      The total should be less than the current fees, though.

      I'm not sure that you'll need much in the way of new program
      materials. The changes are not particularly big. Some presentations
      have been changed/dropped/added to bring the Wood Badge team
      terminology in line with the new NYLT course, and there was a minor
      schedule change. There will be a little longer time in the "cub
      program", and there are some other details that will change. It's a
      long list, but none of the changes are major. I'm not sure what's
      been finalized. These things were still a little vague at our last

      In our area, there is a Wood Badge coordinator for each council or
      cluster. When they attend Area meetings, they are brought up to date
      on changes in the program. I'm not sure if that system is used
      nationally, but someone at your council should have update

      Jo Marshall
      Training Chair and Wood Badge Coordinator
      San Francisco Bay Area Council

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "Marian Mcquaid" <mcquaidfam@c...>
      > Hi,
      > Got a few questions, and I would be willing to be someone here has
      the answer.
      > First: The old Train the Trainer conference had a session
      called "Effective Teaching". Does anyone have a copy of that? We
      have a request to teach that one session.
      > Second: Anyone see the newest syllabus yet for Wood Badge 21st
      Century? How's it look?
      > Third: (Goes with the last question) If the Blanchard material has
      been dropped, has the fee to National been reduced to reflect that?
      If so, to what?
      > Fourth: And of course, what new program materials do we need to
      produce to go with the changes?
      > Just trying to get some answers to questions floating around our
      council's training group...
      > Thanks
      > Marian McQuaid
      > Training Chair, Noanet District
      > Boston Minuteman Council
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