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    Since we re talkinga about Dutch Oven Cooking, We re hoping someone out there has already run a Dutch Oven cooking challenge before, and might have the rules
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2005
      Since we're talkinga about Dutch Oven Cooking, We're hoping someone out there has already run a Dutch Oven cooking challenge before, and might have the rules and criteria for judging that they used for their competition.

      We have an event every August on the first weekend called Future Leaders Day. Its for all youth, but run by the scouts, and ALL Scout units are invited (cub, boy, girl, venture, explorer). This years even on the weekend of 5-7 AUG we wanted to incorporate a miniature "Scout Stakes" into the event, since we're having camping on the site (only $10.00 per unit, no per boy cost). The scout stakes would be a few events for scouts only that would allow them to compete at a unit level, against the other scout units attending and/or camping. Our meeting yesterday came up with some ideas, one of which was the Dutch oven Cooking Contest.

      Our idea was to offer a category for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts, but we'd like to hear any and all ideas as to rules you've seen work well, or used before and any criteria for judging that youve seen/used.

      Thanks, and by the way, your units are invited. . . pass the word along, and check out the info on the web at http://www.knoxscouting.org/FLD/FLDindex.htm.

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