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  • Ida Lively
    Chris, My spouse, a non-outdoorsy type enjoyed his time at Philmont. He did participate in a couple of the Spouse events (mainly the ice cream socials). He
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      My spouse, a non-outdoorsy type enjoyed his time at Philmont. He did participate in a couple of the Spouse events (mainly the ice cream socials). He did a few crafts (some at my request), but mostly he enjoyed relaxing and reading. He did the Villa Tour, the Museum Tours, and other activities like that and had fun doing them. He really got into the Games Night -- especially after he saw me and my girlfriend/co-hort in crime (Jane) participate in some of the games. He liked the campfires, the religious service(s) -- even went over to Base Camp for theirs!, and the Tuesday / Thursday sing-alongs. Oh, and movie night was a hit!

      Ed and Fred, Harvey and Goodwin respectively, from this list were in my session with me (Training Cub Scout Leaders). Did it seem like Mark had a good time to you guys?

      As for 'the boy' (age 16), he loved the Mt. Man trek. We allowed him to take a buddy with him who also enjoyed the experience. It turned out that most of their Crew was made up of boys from our area -- him, his friend, another local scout and his buddy. Rounding out the crew were a scout from Allentown, a scout from Utah, and a gal from TX whose father was on Staff.

      Jane's kids (ages 11 and 14) didn't do the Mt. Man, but instead joined in the youth activities. Despite their best efforts, they loved Philmont and their time there. ;-) There's day trips, and opportunities to hike and camp in the back country. And Games Night, and the Wednesday night BBQ, and the sing-alongs, and the campfire. Tons of stuff to do!

      We drove 'cross country from Centre County, PA and survived the experience. =-) We left home on August 2nd, and returned August 23rd. We drove nearly straight through to Colorado, spent a couple days there getting acclimated to the altitude (and exploring the Rockies). We drove to Cimmaron the day before we were to arrive [only 5 hours from Denver], stayed at the Cimarron Inn and RV Park (reasonable rates!). On the trip home, we stopped in Dallas/Ft. Worth for a couple of days -- visited the National HQ, the Scout Museum and even caught a Rangers game for $5 a person! We dug for diamonds in Arkansas, hiked in the Smokey Mts., and met our Boy Scout Troop in Charleston, SC for a weekend on the U.S.S. Yorktown before driving home to central PA.

      Jane and her family (Juniata County) spent longer on the road than we did (saw more of the country), and had such a 'terrible time' <*tongue in cheek*> that they are planning on going to Philmont again next year. ;-)

      I could go on and on ....

      Contact me off list if you want more information.

      - Nittany Mountain District Cub Scout Training Chair
      - 2005 National Jamboree, Merit Badge Midway - Electronics Merit Badge registrar


      I've received an invitation to attend PTC and am wondering what it's
      like for families there during conferences?

      My 17 yo son would be in 7th heaven on a Mountain Man trek, but I am
      concerned about my non-outdoorsy spouse and 13 yo daughter. Usually
      when they've come to summer camp for parent's night they wrinkle up
      their noses at the platform tents and community latrines and shower
      facilities. Roughing it for them is plastic cups in the bathroom at
      the Hilton.

      So far, my sell job about the "luxurious accomodations" ain't getting
      the job done. I'd really prefer not going alone or just with my son.
      We already do too much without the whole family in Scouting.

      Can anyone offer some personal experiences?


      Chris Finnegan
      Bucks County Council, PA
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