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  • Sandra Martens
    I don t know about the rest of the new people, but your group got a plug from another CS group I belong to. Sandy Martens CS RT Comm, CS and BS Trainer SEWI
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2005
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      I don't know about the rest of the new people, but your group got a plug from another CS group I belong to.

      Sandy Martens
      CS RT Comm, CS and BS Trainer
      SEWI Council
      Racine, WI

      Our summer camp was themed Pirates of Cub Rock last summer. I got "snookered" in to going to camp as Long John Silver! I was pretty skeptical about it, but enjoyed it tremendously. Of course, my wife made me a costume and all that. I even got me a stuffed parrot I nicknamed "squeaky." My first inclination was to velcro him to my costume, but then decided against it. Needless to say, in the middle of the summer deep in the heart of the south it was hot and extremely humid and my costume didn't help matters ANY! lol

      At any rate, on the last night of summer camp, the scouts (all 40 of them) attacked me wanting to sword fight. Right after eating supper too...!! I nearly lost my supper and had to stop the boys who were ready, ripping and raring to go!! lol *ugh!*

      On the last day of summer camp, we had a cannonball fight. My wife, creative as ever (!!!), built two pirate ships out of cardboard we had donated by the company I work for. We divided up into two teams, Tigers and Wolves against the Bears. At the count of 3-2-1 CANNONBALL!!, the boys would throw balls at each other, thus emptying their ship of the "cannonballs." After about 3 minutes, the team that had the least amount of balls on their side of the ship won. Of course now, you would have to get about 30 of the small $1 - $2 balls at Wally-World...

      Ken Walker <Ken.Walker@...> wrote:
      Hey Wendell,
      I agree - Wow! And, good job!
      When you figure out the ingredients to your "YG secret sauce", send the
      recipe to me!

      I'd love to have 500+ members at Boy-Scout-Talk
      (but am pretty happy with 450! <grin>).

      And ditto - a big Scouting Howdy to the new members!

      -Ken Walker
      T-259 - Plano, TX

      Wendell Brown wrote:

      > Wow! We've had a run on membership. 26 new members in the last 7 days
      > and we now have 542 members. I don't know what has happed to get people
      > interested in Scouter-T but what ever it is I hope it keeps up. :)
      > Anyway, welcome to all of our new (and not so new) members. Happy

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