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Re: What I did this Weekend

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  • Richard Pushies
    Hi Judy, The Los Padres Council (Santa Barbara, CA) is holding the Trainer Development Conference this coming Saturday. It s good to hear your s went well. We
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2005
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      Hi Judy,

      The Los Padres Council (Santa Barbara, CA) is holding the Trainer
      Development Conference this coming Saturday. It's good to hear your's
      went well. We will have about 13 youth staff members from the new
      National Youth Leadership Conference in attendance along with a
      similar number of adult trainers. This makes for a dynamic group of
      participants, Scouts & Adults!

      To supplement the Trainer's Development Conference we are in the
      process of developing a document to help trainers who take on the
      responsibly of being a course director for training courses. There
      does not exist in Scouting literature a really good single source of
      information on how to be a good course director. The guide will bring
      together training resources from within the Scouting program and
      additional background information into one document to help a Course
      Director of a Scouting training program be successful. A listing of
      the planned contents includes:

      Planned Content:
      Trainer's Creed
      Course Director Selection Process
      Course Director's Vision
      Mastering the Art of Delegation
      Planning & Scheduling Issues
      Marketing & Promotion
      Staff Selection
      Staff Development
      Team Development & Stages
      Facility Issues
      Medical, Health and Safety Issues
      Conflict Resolution
      Determining Success
      Final Report & Course Assessment
      Scouting Literature Resources

      This document is in the very early stages of development and input on
      content is being requested. Any Scouter Trainer interested in being
      involved in putting this document together please contact Rick
      Pushies, 805-925-9144 or rpushies@....

      The finished document will be rolled into an advanced Trainer
      Development session for course directors and our University of

      Send me your email and I will be happy to share what has been
      developed so far.

      Yours Truly in Scouting,
      Rick Pushies

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, "Judy Yeager" <kcjscout@s...> wrote:
      > On Saturday we held our annual Trainer Development Conference and it
      was a good day. We had some trainer no shows, but came up with some
      innovative ways to handle the sessions. All in all, a worthwhile
      > At the end of the Conference, we recognized our first ever group of
      Certified Trainers in the Heart of America Council. a real benchmark
      for us. Part of the requirements to remain certified is to
      attend/staff TDC at least every four years.
      > Pardon the cross posting, but I am looking for all the input I can
      get from all of you. The TDC syllabus is the basic course and most
      appropriate for the new trainer. We have put together an advanced
      track and cover budgeting, what's new in training, and some other
      things, but this session needs to be beefed up considerably. What
      would you offer these experienced trainers so they would feel that
      this is time well spent?
      > Any and all suggestions would be deeply appreciated.
      > Judy Yeager
      > NT District Training Chair
      > HOAC
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