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Youth & Adult Dutch oven skills test opportunity

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  • Mark & Barbara Wilkins
    The Arizona Chapter of the International Dutch Oven Society and the Phoenix International Sportsman s Expo announces the 2nd Annual Dutch Oven Cook-off to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2005
      The Arizona Chapter of the International Dutch Oven
      Society and the Phoenix International Sportsman's Expo
      announces the 2nd Annual Dutch Oven Cook-off to be
      held Saturday, February 19, 2004 at the Arizona State
      Fairgrounds, 19th Avenue and McDowell, Phoenix,
      Arizona. There will be both an Adult 3-Pot cook-off,
      as well as a Youth 2-Pot cook-off consisting of Main
      dish and Dessert categories.

      Awards and prizes for all contestants! Winner of 3-pot
      contest will be eligible for consideration in the
      World Championship 2006 Dutch Oven Cook-off held in

      Official World Championship rules apply.

      For more information or to enter, please contact Mark
      Wilkins at (602) 451-3544 or cobweb7513@...

      Three-pot cook-off: Main dish, dessert dish, and bread
      Youth two-pot cook-off: Main dish & Dessert dish
      Judging: Consists of presentation, cleanliness and
      taste. The emphasis is on the food�not garnishments.

      Fees: Adult 3 - pot - $20.00 entry fee per team
      (minimum age 18 years old / 2-person teams).
      Youth 2- pot -$15.00 entry fee per team (ages 12 - 18
      years old / 2-person teams).
      Time: You may light cooking fires at 9 a.m. onward. A
      short cook's meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m. and you
      may begin cooking 10 a.m.

      Dishes must be ready for judging as follows:

      Adult 3-pot:
      Dessert--2:00 p.m.
      Bread--3:00 p.m.
      Main dish--4:00 p.m.

      Youth 2-pot:
      Dessert � 12:30 p.m.
      Main � 1:30 p.m.

      Awards will be presented after final tallies at 5:00
      p.m. Cleanup follows.

      1. Each Adult entrant in the 3-pot cook-off must be a
      member of IDOS (International Dutch Oven Society) by
      February 19, 2005 and prior to cooking in this
      competition. *LIMITED TO 10 TEAMS!
      *Applications to join IDOS may be submitted at the
      event before cooking begins. Past President of IDOS,
      Ron Hill, will be on hand to welcome new IDOS members.

      2. All entrants must cook with charcoal briquettes and
      have a cooking surface off the ground for their coals
      such as a cook table.
      3. Ingredients must be prepared from scratch on site,
      excluding cutting of meat, vegetables, other
      ingredients and marinating.
      4. Each team must submit the entry form, a copy of
      recipes they will be cooking, and a $20 entry fee to
      Mark Wilkins no later than February 12, 2005. (Snail
      mail or email)
      5. Each participant must keep their team's cook site
      clean and presentable during cooking, and exercise
      safe food handling practices, and leave the area clean
      after the cook-off. Each team is required to have a
      wash station and fire extinguisher on hand.
      6. Judging will be final and samples will not be
      distributed until after judging.
      7. Professional, qualified judges will judge each

      Competitors will be judged per the scheduled times. If
      competitors are not ready by the scheduled judging
      time, the judges will deduct points.

      Prizes In All Categories! High point team in the Adult
      3-pot cook-off will be eligible to be selected to
      compete in the World Championship Cook-off in 2006.

      Information required for entry:
      You must have recipes for each of your dishes turned
      in to Mark Wilkins by February 12, 2005. Each recipe
      must be typed or neatly printed on 8 1/2" X 11" paper.
      See below for format. Recipes not completed, typed and
      submitted on time will result in disqualification.
      IDOS reserves the right to publish recipes. Include:

      1--Your name, address, city, state and zip code
      2--Name of recipe
      3--Size of Dutch oven to be used
      4--Number of people recipe will serve
      5--List of ingredients (in order of use; note: Spell
      out amounts of items. Don't use capitals, specify can
      sizes, state brands if needed, put in order of
      preparations or in groups of combination. In general,
      be very specific about the ingredients.
      6--Preparation and cooking instructions: In this
      section, don't shortcut the instructions. Assume that
      the reader is a novice Dutch oven cook and will need
      every step explained. You may know exactly how to do
      it, but they will not. It is better to be "overly"
      explicit about how to prepare the recipe and cook it
      than to leave any questions in the mind of the reader.
      Be sure to include items and temperatures, ratio of
      heat or briquettes on the top and the bottom and such
      details, which will result in the reader having
      successful first time experience with your recipe. The
      judges will then know and appreciate what you are
      preparing. Include cooking items, when to combine
      certain ingredients and when to add them. Also include
      any garnishing which you will use.

      Directions: Take I-17 south to the McDowell Road exit,
      go east approximately 1 mile to 17th Avenue (traffic
      light); turn north (left) into the Fairgrounds.

      Mark Wilkins
      Director, AZ Chapter of IDOS
      Varsity Roundtable Commissioner, Thunderbird District
      Dutch Oven Cook at Large

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