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Fast Start Training as Part of the "Trained Leader"

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  • Dan Hammond, Sr.
    This is an excerpt from the Heart of America Council training. Cub Scout FAST START WHO SHOULD TAKE FAST START? All new Cub Pack adult leaders WHY? Cub Scout
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2005
      This is an excerpt from the Heart of America Council

      "Cub Scout FAST START

      WHO SHOULD TAKE FAST START? All new Cub Pack adult
      WHY? Cub Scout Fast Start is designed for the new
      leader in a Cub Scout Pack to get acquainted with Cub
      Scouting and your registered job. This is the first
      step in the training process and is required for all
      new leaders, along with Youth Protection, New Leader
      Essentials and Job Specific training, to be considered
      completely trained in your registered position.
      Fast Start is a video based training that will help
      new leaders quickly understand what to expect in their
      new scouting experience. There are six (6) sections to
      this training:
      What Every New Cub Scout Leader Needs to Know
      The New Tiger Cub Den Leader
      The New Cub Scout Den Leader
      The New Webelos Den Leader
      The New Cubmaster
      The New Pack Committee Member
      All new Cub leaders should take the first
      section,�What Every New Cub Scout Leader Needs to
      Know� and the section pertaining to your specific
      registered position. (i.e. Tiger Cub Den Leader)

      As you progress as an adult leader and you change
      jobs, such as from Tiger Leader to Den Leader, you
      need to take that specific section of the course to
      get familiar with your new position. After you take a
      particular section, you should notify your District
      Registrar to have it recorded in your individual
      training record.

      This training is available on video from your Pack, or
      Online." --end excerpt--

      Several folks have asked whether district training
      teams offer Fast Start. I suppose it wouldn't hurt,
      but as you can read from this excerpt, Fast Start is
      not intended to be delievered by training teams.

      Fast Start was often done by the old Den Leader
      Coaches or another pack leader. Now it is intended
      that Pack Trainers deliver Fast Start. Another option
      for any leader is to take Fast Start on-line. I've
      looked through all the Fast Start stuff we have
      on-line and find that it pretty universally covers
      what brand new leaders need to know to get started.

      HOAC, like other councils, has developed a program to
      help new leaders that includes a packet that includes
      meeting plans and program ideas for he first month of
      the Scouting year for new Den Leaders.

      I don't believe that anyone will argue that Fast Start
      is part of the requirements for being a trained leader
      and getting the "trained" strip for your position, but
      it should be done at a much lower level than District
      Training Teams.

      My nickel's worth.

      Daniel D. Hammond, Sr. MA(HRD)
      Leavenworth, KS, Army Major(Ret), Overtrained Scout Leader, Kaw District Activity Chairman, CM P3001, SA T366, NRA Life Member
      I Used to be an Owl... (W-CS-44)
      And a good old staffer too (C-34-04)

      Cheerful Service; because it's the right thing to do

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