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Re: [Scouter_T] Re: Safe Swim

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  • Sean Scott
    Pete wrote: I asked my DE if the (My) council would accept the on-line courses. Pete, I don t know that it s really up to councils to make this
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 12, 2005
      Pete wrote: I asked my DE if the (My) council would accept the on-line
      courses. <snip>


      I don't know that it's really up to councils to make this decision.
      I'll admit that I would greatly prefer that leaders take the in-person
      training. It is more in-depth, offers a forum for discussion and better
      learning to exist, and so on, but just like the online Youth Protection
      it is a Nationally accredited training course and therefore overrides
      any local council consideration.

      (I understand that councils must request to use the YPT, so it may not
      be the same in that regard--the request implies the council approval.
      But the online Fast Start serves as further example of the same
      point--provided Nationally for all leaders to participate in.)

      If I were to take Wood Badge or Fast Start or Scoutmaster Specific in
      my council, then move to yours, your council cannot tell me that my
      training is invalid and must be done locally "your way". Whereas your
      council would have reason to reconsider any training I received at a
      local powwow or University of Scouting, since the requirements and
      criteria are different from council to council.

      So can your council tell me that the SSD/SA I received in my council
      must be re-done locally? And if I took that training in my council
      online, is it any less valid? I have the card, and if I update Scoutnet
      in my council it is recorded--that should suffice. The only thing your
      council could do would be to say that, in addition to the National
      SSD/SA you must also take some additional local training (locally more
      stringent requirements than National are allowed). They could also
      require that it is taken more frequently. But I don't think they can
      say that they won't accept the training.


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