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Re: training cost question - long

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  • David Loomis
    Our local policy is that we compute the costs of providing the handouts in the syllabus, food costs, and any special equipment, tack on a small percentage for
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      Our local policy is that we compute the costs of providing the
      handouts in the syllabus, food costs, and any special equipment, tack on
      a small percentage for council - to help fund other courses which may
      go over budget - and there's your fee. Additionally we frequently add
      on a late registration increment/fee of $ 3 - $ 5 to cover the extra
      costs of reproducing handouts at the last minutes for many of our more
      involved training, University of Scouting, Commissioner College, and
      Pow-Wow come to mind.

      What do we reproduce? Any material suggested in the syllabus to
      be handed out to participants, some courses have lots more material than
      others, but we feel that participants should get everything mentioned in
      the syllabus.

      Why do we include this late registration fee? Well, the last
      Venturing Leader Specific Training course I ran had 10 leaders
      pre-registered, so fortunately we had decided to hold it at the Scout
      Service Center, because over 18 showed up. The Venturing and High
      Adventure exec fired up the council's high speed copier and we ran off
      the extra 8 sets of participant handouts, plus another few to cover all
      bases. We also used the council's plumbed-in commercial coffee maker
      during breaks, for which we paid as well. I might add that in my
      council folks have a habit of registering late for events to insure that
      the event will actually occur before they send in their money - a really
      good reason to always hold a scheduled event, training or not. At our
      last University of Scouting we had people showing up who had faxed their
      registration to council the previous day, who were unhappy that their
      course schedules were not ready, awaiting their arrival.

      That brings up an additional point. Frequently we fail to charge
      or budget for copying or mailing expenses because we have a member on
      the training course staff who has copying privileges at work, or because
      we use council equipment and programs to copy or mail material. This is
      false planning and economy. because frequently these services will not
      become available when needed. It is far better to plan on commercial
      reproduction of course materials, and mailings, or budget a certain
      amount of money to accomplish these tasks do them at the council office,
      and pay council for the service! Yes **PAY** council for using their
      equipment and facilities. It may sound like a radical idea, paying for
      things that we might obtain for free, but putting courses on a paying
      basis makes good financial sense, and frequently results in our being
      able to use these services again in the future!

      Putting it bluntly, councils are in the business of selling a
      product, Scouting, and have lots of equipment devoted to this business,
      equipment for which you would pay dearly, were you to contract it out to
      local companies. Equipment like computers with laser printers, high
      speed copying machines, with collating and built-in stapling options,
      letter folding machines, comb binders with built-in punches, along with
      supplies like reams of colored paper, envelopes, and address labels.
      Councils can provide these items to courses at a fraction of the cost
      that you would pay down town, but you must be willing to do much of the
      work - councils are becoming shorter and shorter of staff due to
      enforces economies - and pay for the costs of the material you use for
      each course.

      Getting back to the original question, we make every effort to
      provide copies of every page provided in the syllabus, as well as every
      bit item listed in the course materials as items to be given to the
      participants. These items and reference numbers are provided to us as
      guided so we can obtain them and make them available to the learners, so
      that they may better understand and retain the material we are
      presenting. Omitting them does the participants a disservice, and makes
      our job as trainers that much more difficult.


      Boris, Anthony wrote:

      >I am a new cub scout training chair for our district. I have noticed online that many districts and councils charge for New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific for the Cub and Boy Scout trainings. Can any of you let me know if you pay to get basic trained? And what type of handouts, books, literature, trained strips, do you receive when you go?
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