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Re: [Scouter_T] Uniform Question

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  • Dan Kurtenbach
    The answer is found in the Insignia Guide. From page 5 of the 2003-2005 edition: JACKETS AND THEIR INSIGNIA Multicolored jackets in nylon, wool, and poplin
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      The answer is found in the Insignia Guide. From page 5 of the 2003-2005

      "Multicolored jackets in nylon, wool, and poplin are available for optional
      wear by youth members and adult leaders. The universal emblem should be
      worn on the left pocket or, in case of a jacket without chest pockets, in
      the same area. The Philmont bull emblem is especially designed for the red
      wool jac-shirt to be sewn on the left side above the pocket. On all jackets
      the Philmont Scout Ranch, Philmont Training Center, or high-adventure base
      emblems may be worn centered on the right pocket or in the same relative
      position if there is no pocket. The Order of the Arrow has adopted the
      jac-shirt as its official jacket, and members may wear the 6-inch national
      Order of the Arrow patch centered on the back. The large Philmont, NESA,
      jamboree, National Camping School, Scoutmaster Award of Merit, and
      international participant emblems are approved to be worn the back of the
      jacket. Only one such emblem may be worn at a time. The Venture/Varsity
      letter may be worn on the center of the right side of the red or blaze nylon
      or poplin jacket. In all cases, the lightweight jacket is an alternate for
      the jac-shirt, and this insignia may be worn on it in the same way."

      Dan Kurtenbach
      Fairfax, VA
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