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RE: [Scouter_T] Survival Game

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  • Rod Smith
    Ken, I haven t been on Scouter -T for awhile and don t remember how to sign on. Can you help me? Rod ... From: Ken.Walker@mscsoftware.com
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 4, 2004

      I haven't been on Scouter -T for awhile and don't remember how to sign on.
      Can you help me?


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      Subject: RE: [Scouter_T] Survival Game

      I looked thru my copy of Woods Wisdom, and think I found what Mark was
      talking about.

      It took some digging, as it wasn't part of Wilderness Survival (or
      Emergency Preparation). In fact, I kinda stumbled over it by accident, as
      it's actually in the Leadership section -- figures! The game is called
      "Stranded". I scanned it and put it in the Files section. Look for
      Stranded.doc in the Outdoor_Program section.

      Side Note: Be careful if you blindly follow the "experts opinion", as you
      may get much debate on several "opinions".

      Much of the "Stranded" advice contradicts info provided by the Wilderness
      Survival MB.
      When stranded, your priorities should be:
      1. Positive Mental Attitude
      2. First-Aid
      3. Shelter
      4. Fire building
      5. Signaling device
      6. Water
      7. Food

      Here are some of the recommended items from the Stranded list:
      "Rank #10. Sheath knife. This could be useful for preparing any captured
      animals, such as frogs, or cutting string, cheese, a pole, etc."
      The WS MB doesn't recommend that Scouts capture and/or eat wild animals.
      It's too risky.

      "Rank #13. First-aid kit. Adhesive bandages, aspirin, and petroleum jelly
      would be useful for minor injuries."
      Clearly, this should be MUCH higher based on the priorities above.

      "Rank #15. Map. An auto map could be useful for sighting major land- marks
      like lakes, rivers, etc."
      True. But who's going anywhere?? We teach "hug a tree" when you're lost. No
      need for a map (unless you use it to start a wood fire.!).

      It's also interesting that food is so highly ranked, given it's the LAST
      item in the WS MB priority list.

      Also, some of this info is seems very dated. For example it says the
      following items would not be necessary:

      "5-gallon water jug. The water in the Maine wilderness is potable."
      Hhmmmmmmmm, hardly. With the risk of gerardia and cryptosporidium, it's
      fool-hardy to drink untreated water in the wilderness.

      "Coleman camp stove. Too heavy; wood fires can be used."
      Who's going anywhere? It could be very handy.

      "Rubber raft. Too heavy; also not likely to be useful"
      True, but could be used as a shelter.

      ".44 Magnum gun. Inaccurate for hunting; caliber too large for small game."
      Again, true, but an EXCELLENT signalling device.

      Enough on the exercise critique - just remember to use it carefully.
      Also, as noted in the document, the real learning object is to learn about
      decision making, reaching a group consensus, and [hopefully] learning that
      a group needs the input from everyone to reach the best decisions.

      -Ken Walker
      T-259, Plano, TX

      Mark Neblung wrote on Nov 2, 2004:
      > What you are looking for is in woods wisdom and I believe
      > also it's replacement, Troop Program features. Going from
      > memory, it should be listed under the Wilderness Survival
      > chapter.
      > If you have problem finding it, let me know and I'll do
      > some digging.

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      Subject: [Scouter_T] Survival Game

      I am searching for the survival game that involves a group stranded in
      Maine with the option of selecting from several items to ensure survival.
      The game includes an expanation from experts re. which items should be
      welected and why.

      Does anyone have this?

      For subscription and delevery options send a message to:

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