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RE: [Scouter_T] need ideas

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  • Jeff Wakefield
    ALL AWARD -- For giving your all to the Cub Scout Program (All Laundry detergent; mounted) ALMOND JOY AWARD -- For bringing joy to our Pack (Almond Joy candy
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 2, 2004
      ALL AWARD -- For giving your all to the Cub Scout Program (All Laundry
      detergent; mounted)
      ALMOND JOY AWARD -- For bringing joy to our Pack (Almond Joy candy bar;
      BALL AWARD -- For being 'on the ball'; (Styrofoam ball with pipe cleaner

      person on top; ball of any kind,
      BANANA AWARD -- For having the greatest a-peal (wax or plastic banana,
      BATTERY AWARD -- For having that extra charge to keep going & going &
      going (Energizer battery
      BEAN AWARD -- You've been (bean) wonderful! (lima or other large bean,
      BEAR AWARD -- For bearing up under pressure (plastic bear with a tire
      gauge, mounted)
      BEST FOOT FORWARD AWARD -- For always putting your best foot forward
      (Wooden ruler; sock with
      the toe cut off)
      BIG HEART AWARD -- For someone who shows real dedication to the Cub
      Scout program (A big stuffed
      heart pillow in red)
      BRIGHT IDEA AWARD -- Present to the person who always has good ideas
      (Spray a light bulb gold;
      CANDLE AWARD -- For bringing new light to the Pack. (small Candle;
      CHEER AWARD -- For the most cheerful person (Box of Cheer laundry
      soap; mounted)
      CONFETTI AWARD -- For adding excitement to our Pack
      COVERED THE TOPIC AWARD -- For a workshop presenter (large plastic lid)
      CRAYON AWARD -- For adding color to our Pack
      CRUTCH AWARD -- For being someone we can always lean on.
      DINOSAUR AWARD -- For doing a Dinomite job
      DOG AWARD -- For someone worked like a dog (dog biscuit or rubber bone,
      EGG AWARD -- For an eggs-cellent job or an eggs-citing idea (egg shells
      or plastic egg, mounted)
      EYE-OPENING PERFORMANCE AWARD -- For presenting an eye opening
      performance (Box of tooth
      picks; mounted)
      FIZZ AWARD -- For adding pizzazz to our pack (container of Alka Seltzer
      tables, mounted)
      FOOTBALL AWARD -- For being willing to tackle the job (toy football,
      FRESH AIR AWARD -- For bringing a fresh approach (roll of mints or
      Certs, mounted)
      FUNNY BONE AWARD -- For entertaining us; resolving a situation with
      humor (feather mounted to a
      rubber/plastic/real bone)
      FIRST AID AWARD -- For coming to our aid time and time again (Home made
      first aid kit; mounted)
      GO-FOR AWARD -- For the person who picks up awards or runs errands for
      the Pack (Plastic or model
      car on a handmade trophy stand)
      GO GETTER AWARD -- This is an inflated balloon full of 'Hot Air' for the

      "Go Power for the Go Getter".
      GOLDEN KNOT AWARD -- For having it all tied together. (Use rope, tie an
      overhand knot and spray
      gold; mounted)
      GOLDEN PEAR AWARD -- Present to the pair (Couple) who has done so much
      for the Pack. (plastic
      fruit pear; mounted)
      GOOD EGG AWARD -- For the special person who has been a good sport by
      helping the pack. (An egg
      made out of felt; mounted)
      HATS OFF AWARD -- Our hats are off to you (real hat; toy hat, mounted)
      HELPING HAND AWARD -- For the person who always lends a helping hand
      (Stuffed glove on a dowel
      rod; mounted).
      ICE CREAM AWARD -- For someone who can lick any job (cotton wadding in
      sugar/wafer ice cream
      cone, mounted)
      JEWEL AWARD -- For being as valuable as a precious stone (small jewel
      KNOCK YOURSELF OUT AWARD -- For knocking yourself out in the Cub Scout
      Program (Small
      hammer or mini bat, mounted)
      KEY AWARD -- For being the key to our success. (Small Key, mounted)
      LIFE SAVER AWARD -- For someone who has assisted the Pack with a
      problem. (A roll of lifesavers
      LINK TO SCOUTING AWARD -- For the leader who has helped prepare the boys

      for Boy Scouts. (Attach
      a few pieces of chain link fence to a plaque)
      LOLLIPOP AWARD -- For someone who can lick any job (large sucker,
      MARF AWARD -- MARF (Maintain Absolute Rigid Flexibility). Cut a piece of

      wood or cardboard in an
      odd shape. Put the letters M-A-R-F on it and present to anyone who works

      with the boys.
      MARBLES AWARD -- For a marble-ous job; For never having to say Ive
      lost all my marbles (bag of
      marbles; two or three marbles, mounted)
      MILLION THANKS AWARD -- Play money in denominations adding up to
      MOUNDS BAR AWARD -- for the mounds of confidence you give your scouts.
      for the mounds of
      courage you need. (Mounds Bar, mounted)
      NAIL FILE AWARD -- File all the information you learned
      NICE JOB AWARD -- Box of N'ice cough drops.
      NOTEWORTHY AWARD -- For a noteworthy performance (Small notepad,
      NUTS AWARD -- We're nuts about you; you had to be nuts to take on this
      task (bag of nuts; 2 or 3 nuts,
      mounted, large walnut on a string)
      OLD FOSSIL AWARD -- A rock or an arrowhead for the person who has been
      in scouting the longest.
      PACKET OF SEEDS AWARD --For helping us grow! (packet of seeds; mounted)
      PAPER CLIP AWARD -- For keeping things together when they seem to be
      getting out of control.
      PIECE OF STRING AWARD -- For when you reach the end of your rope - this
      will keep you going a bit
      PLASTIC MAZE AWARD -- This will remind you that what you do is truly
      PLUNGER AWARD -- For plunging right in (small sink plunger)
      PURPLE HEART AWARD -- A big stuffed heart in purple, for anyone injured
      'in the line of duty.
      PUZZLE PIECE AWARD -- without you the pack wouldn't be complete
      RAISIN PAY AWARD -- For the deserving ones (a pyramid of raisins, glued
      to a backing)
      RECORD BREAKER AWARD -- Split vinyl record, mounted.
      RIGHT ARM AWARD -- Cardboard arm with hand in the Scout sign; doll's
      right arm.
      RIGHT FOOT AWARD -- For starting us off right (outline of a foot traced

      on construction paper,
      ROSE AWARD -- You rose to the occasion (artificial or ribbon rose)
      RUBBER BAND AWARD -- For banding us together; expanding our knowledge;
      showing flexibility.
      SAFETY PIN AWARD -- for little emergencies
      SCOUT SPIRIT AWARD -- For having the Scout Spirit all year through (Make

      a ball-and-rag ghost doll)
      SHINING EXAMPLE AWARD -- For setting a shining example to the boys
      (Mirror, Mylar, or metal foil)
      SPARK PLUG AWARD -- For someone who supplied the spark to get the
      project going (spark plug,
      mounted; Independence Day sparkler, mounted)
      SPOON AWARD -- (plastic) - For stirring things (us) up a bit.
      STAKE AWARD -- For those with commitment---a stake in the Scouting
      program (a tent stake; certificate
      for steak dinner)
      STARBURST AWARD -- For giving us a burst of energy
      STATIC GUARD AWARD -- The 'static' has vanished since you joined the
      STICK TO IT AWARD -- A roll of tape; glue stick.
      TERRIFIC AWARD -- For doing a TEErific job (Golf tee or tea bags,
      TARGET AWARD -- For keeping us on target, making our target (facsimile
      archery target, mounted)
      TNT AWARD -- For doing a dynamite job
      TOILET PAPER AWARD -- For managing the all-important paperwork.
      UDDERLY FABULOUS AWARD -- Blown up latex glove.
      WELL DONE AWARD -- Burnt slice of toast, preserved and mounted
      WET SPONGE AWARD -- A piece of sponge mounted on cardboard. For the
      newest leader who needs
      help soaking up all the new info in the Cub Scout program.
      WHALE AWARD -- For a whale of a job (toy plastic whale, mounted)


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    • David Loomis
      The Life Saver Award - A 2 wooden curtain ring, with a length of 1/8th inch cotton cord fastened to it with red plastic tape or cotton thread lashing. You
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 2, 2004
        The Life Saver Award - A 2" wooden curtain ring, with a length of
        1/8th inch cotton cord fastened to it with red plastic tape or cotton
        thread lashing. You can put a picture of the unit or district's logo or
        patch in the middle by reducing the picture to an appropriate size,
        cutting out and gluing to back of ring. A magnet can also be added so
        it can be stuck to the refrigerator.

        The Good Egg Award - A wooden egg, available at many craft shops,
        can be decorated with a burning pencil - or small electrical soldering
        iron - to commemorate the event or deed.

        The Spark Plug Award - Carve or turn a small spark plug out of a
        small piece of dowel and mount in on a plaque or perhaps on a loop of
        leather to form a neckerchief slide.


        nadinep427 wrote:

        > Hello everyone,
        > I am looking for ideas for giveaways (for lack of a better term). I
        > have seen things like a baggie filled with thyme for 'more thyme'.
        > I have done mini M & Ms in a film container labled 'Leader Sanity
        > Pills' with a cute ditty for each color M & M. I would like to hear
        > what others have done!
        > Nadine
        > A good 'ol Bobwhite too... C-CS-14
        > A good 'ol staffer too.... C-14-04 Always Remember!
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