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Re: Philmont Theme

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  • doublelope
    Ida: You will be fine with whatever you had planned for the Midway and Show N Tell. That is your time to shine with something you feel your fellow
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2004
      Ida: You will be fine with whatever you had planned for the Midway
      and Show N Tell. That is your time to "shine" with something you
      feel your fellow participants will enjoy learning from you. Besides,
      it wouldn't be practical to tie in the themes, as each conference
      will have a different theme. For the Cub week that was held in June,
      there was a Pirate theme, Circus theme, Racing theme, Movie theme,
      Train theme and Tropical theme.

      Have a great time at Philmont...it is a very special place. You will
      have a great time!

      Linda Goff
      Great Smoky Mountain Council.

      --- In scouter_t@yahoogroups.com, Ida Lively <glezen@a...> wrote:
      > I¹m such a planner ... Bordering on OCD ... that the thought of a
      theme blew
      > my mind. ;-)
      > I understand the theme doesn¹t alter the information ‹ syllabi and
      all. ;-)
      > I just wanted to know how the theme could be worked into
      everything. If
      > it¹s just decorations, or cheers, or yells, or whatever.
      > I also wondered if I should, as the letter I received suggested,
      base my
      > Midway item and Show Œn Tell display around my theme. That put me
      in a
      > tizzy (three weeks before the conference and I learn there¹s a
      THEME!? OMG!
      > Can I still use my items !?!?). After some long thought, and good
      > I¹ve decided NOT to redo my items. They¹re good as they are ‹
      > related or not. ;-)
      > I¹m happy though, I¹m created a banner to represent my theme. =-)
      Now I
      > even have a portable campfire. So, some good has come out of my
      > If anyone HASN'T checked out the Perfectly Versatile Campsite at:
      > http://www.gspiglet.org/pvc.htm , I highly recommend it. My banner
      frame is
      > from that site.
      > My next challenge: pack the pick-up truck for this three week trek
      > taking the kitchen sink.
      > 10 days and counting! We leave on the evening of Day 11 (8/2)...
      Tick ...
      > Tick ... Tick ...
      > --
      > Ida Lively
      > - Juniata Valley Council, Nittany Mountain District Training Chair
      > "Train them up in the way they should go..."
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