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Re: [Scouter_T] Updating Scoutnet

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  • Jim
    Judy et al, We may be one of those few Councils you speak of. About a year ago we started an initiative to capture all training records into ScoutNet,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 11, 2004
      Judy et al,
      We may be one of those "few Councils" you speak of. About a year ago we
      started an initiative to capture all training records into ScoutNet,
      especially district records. The primary focus of this effort is
      "basic" training and as far back as districts want to go. Our council
      has been regularly capturing council-level advanced training like Wood
      Badge and TDC. The hope was to eventually "mine" this data for useful
      analysis and to gage how well districts were doing toward their goal of
      "100% trained leaders". I must say that we are still working toward
      that end and the results so far are mixed, not because of the
      methodology, but primarily because of district participation. We too
      are a fairly large council serving seven counties with 15 districts.
      And participation is not even close to 100%.

      This effort started with some frank discussions of what exactly we
      wanted to accomplish and what steps this "vision" would need to reach
      it's goal. The first step was to create a digital version of the
      3-part carbonless "Training Attendance Report" form (#34413). This has
      made it easier for training chairs, especially in outlying districts,
      to submit records over the internet (e-mail) or by fax. Our version(s)
      of this form is on our training website on the "Resources" page (under
      Forms) if you would like a copy:
      We have posted both Word® and PDF versions of this form so that it may
      be filled out electronically, or by hand, for submission.

      Next, we worked out an arrangement with the council to provide the
      manpower necessary to accomplish this data entry task on an ongoing
      basis. Our council too did (does) not have the staff available to input
      all this data. We asked each district to find one or two volunteers who
      would be willing to donate some time to be "trained" on ScoutNet (about
      30 min.) to input data. These are, for the most part, volunteers who
      often help out in their districts in administrative roles or retired
      Scouters who have the time to dedicate a day or so a month to this
      task. Most are from close in districts and we have about a dozen people
      who volunteer to do this work. Once trained, it only takes about a
      minute or so to record each entry.

      We also worked out a procedure for for handling the data when it was
      submitted. Direct submittal into ScoutNet was not in the cards for a
      number of reasons, mostly concerning security. This also included no
      remote access. So we did it the old fashion way. Whether submitted
      electronically, by mail, or by fax, all submittals are printed out and
      put in an "inbox" in the program services office and a couple of times
      a month a volunteers are asked to come in and input the data manually.
      Our records are never more than about 3-4 weeks behind current.

      The next phase (the one we are in now) is to get all the district
      training chairs and course directors to submit this data on a regular
      basis. This is the real challenge. As you probably experience
      yourselves, about one-third of our districts do a really great job of
      both training and record keeping. About one-third do an OK, if
      sometimes spotty, job and about one-third do little or no submittals.
      So we are regularly re-emphasizing the importance of both. It is our
      hope to put together some useful reports for our "program kickoff"
      council training committee meeting this August. This will take the form
      of (%) trained in each district by program, who has (has not) basic
      training, and who has completed YPT. We have been passing on to all
      training chairs reports on those completing YPT on the national website
      on a quarterly basis for about a year now.

      As a parallel effort, we also revamped our training website pages and
      added a number of training resources available to trainers and
      volunteers alike. This has made the distribution of training resources
      much, much easier and is becoming a great resource in our council.

      I could go into a lot more detail, but would probably bore most on this
      list. Please contact me directly if you have specific questions. I hope
      this helps and provides the insight you were looking for.
      Yours in Scouting,


      Jim Ball
      Council Training Chairman
      Central Florida Council (Orlando)

      On Jun 11, 2004, at 1:03 AM, Judy Yeager wrote:

      > At our Council Training Meeting this evening, we discussed the need to
      > update the training records in Scoutnet.
      > Our professional advisor tells us that per ProSpeak, there are a few
      > Councils in the US who seem to have accomplished this task.
      > So, my question to you is: Has your council been able to update
      > training records in Scoutnet? If so, do you have any tips for us that
      > would help us facilitate this process so we don't have to re-invent
      > the wheel?
      > Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      > Judy Yeager
      > Heart of America Council

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    • Barbara Karweik
      Our Council also has abysmal training records with Scoutnet. I personally updated our District records about 4 years ago and it took me about 5 days to input
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 11, 2004
        Our Council also has abysmal training records with Scoutnet. I personally
        updated our District records about 4 years ago and it took me about 5 days
        to input the training and after it was done, it still didn't get transferred
        to all the places I'd like to get the information from-i.e. unit charters
        and training reports.

        I have just accepted the position of Council Training Chair and I am told
        that Scoutnet has been refined and is much more responsive to putting in
        data and getting that same data printed out. Currently our Council has a
        group of volunteers who are putting in advancement records (in the past only
        the records for Eagle candidates made it into Scoutnet). They report fairly
        good success as the advancement records are closer to being correct when

        I will be starting to put training records into Scoutnet this summer. I keep
        all of my District training records so those are the ones that I'll put into
        the system. Hopefully then, I can train each District trainer to put thier
        records into the system. After all the records are loaded, we can start to
        put training records into the system as they are done.

        One difficulty with Scoutnet is that people are in the system with the name
        in which they registered so if you have a leader on a Training signin as
        Chip____ he may not be listed that way in Scout net. Also, if a leader's
        registration has not been completed correctly or they haven't registered,
        you can't put their training into the system. Scout net is FAR from being
        perfect or even easy to work with.

        Barb Karweik
        Buckeye District Training Chair (retired)
        Council Training Chair
        Simon Kenton Council
        Columbus OH
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