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Convoys, Caravans, and "Go in a crowd" (was Travel)

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  • Scouter Chuck
    Just so you folks understand me, I wasn t saying that I disagreed with most of what was said about travel. I was just stating the facts as I saw them. What I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2004
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      Just so you folks understand me, I wasn't saying that I disagreed
      with most of what was said about travel. I was just stating the
      facts as I saw them.

      What I have seen is that when you have 4-6 cars all going from the
      same place to the same place, and at the same time, there is the
      danger of a convoy forming. In that case, _if_ there is a problem,
      and it looked like a convoy, that's what will likely be in the

      A couple of years ago, on a Friday evening summer drive to our
      trailer (in the RV park -- :( ), one of the vehicles that passed
      me (which meant that they were doing over the 75MPH speed limit)
      was a pickup with an average sized equipment trailer. Boldly
      emblazoned on the back and side for everyone to see was "BSA TROOP
      30". I few minutes later, I noticed that more than a few cars that
      passed me were loaded with Scouts. I did, BTW, mention this to my
      DE. :(

      When you have a group all traveling together, whether the convoy is
      official or not, the drivers will tend to try to keep others in
      sight. There are several reasons for this: Some drivers don't
      drive at the speed limit, they drive below it. Some drivers
      consider the speed limit "advisory", and drive as fast as they
      wish. Some drivers try to "cruise control" to the speed limit
      exactly, if possible. Toss in the several boys in one car who tell
      the driver "We want to get there before those Beavers do", and you
      have to potential for a problem.

      I can also tell you from experience that when you have 10 cars
      leave the "Church parking lot", and the freeway is 2 miles away,
      that by the time the last car gets to the freeway, the first car
      will be several miles ahead. Unless you have a traffic jam. So
      leaving at 5 minute intervals really isn't a big deal. Meaning
      it's a little overboard.

      On the other subject addressed in the original question:
      One of the advantages that I know of to having everyone gather at
      the meeting point before leaving -- and having everyone there
      before the group leaves, is so the SM or leader in charge knows
      _exactly_who_ is going. If someone has to go earlier or later,
      there is still the doubt that they will actually be there until
      they arrive at the destination. The meeting point is usually where
      the Parental Permission Slips are turned in. Usually, the medical
      forms will already be the possession of one of the leaders, unless
      your unit (or Council) requires that you have a new one for each

      If one group can't go with the rest of the unit, then as long as
      they have all their paperwork (or copies of it) filed with the SM
      or outing leader, there shouldn't be a problem.

      I say copies, because if there is a problem, and you aren't with
      your unit, you may need the originals of both the PPS and medical

      Hope this helps, and explains more on what I meant.


      Chuck Bramlet -- Phoenix, Az. ----- mailto:antelope95@...
      I "used to be" an Antelope! -- WEM-10-95
      Thunderbird District -- Grand Canyon Council
      Committee Member at Large, Roundtable Staff -- Member DNRC
      "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing"
      -- Stephen R. Covey
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