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Re: [Scouter_T] Religious Emblems adult training

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  • JNDunnMN@aol.com
    Try this: http://www.praypub.org/promo_rel_emblems.htm. It s a syllabus for promoting the programs. These may be helpful too.
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 9, 2004
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      Try this: http://www.praypub.org/promo_rel_emblems.htm. It's a syllabus for promoting the programs.

      These may be helpful too.

      Jamie Dunn
      Pack Trainer
      P. 512
      Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      Cub Scout Training Chair
      3 Rivers District
    • leaderdev@earthlink.net
      Scouters I ve been disconnected for awhile so I apologize if this has already been addressed. Perhaps if your unit, district or council is near a military
      Message 2 of 4 , May 31, 2004
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        I've been disconnected for awhile so I apologize if this has already been
        Perhaps if your unit, district or council is near a military installation
        with units deploying to Iraq, and they (the military unit) are able to take
        some things with them destined for the Iraqi National Scout Camp, I would
        imagine some used but usable scout gear would be very much appreciated.

        > I recently received an email from Chip Beck, a scouter who is helping to
        reorganize Boy Scouts in Iraq. (see
        http://www.cpa-iraq.org/pressreleases/20040301_scouting.html )
        > The CPA has formally agreed to the use of an old 40 acre Secret Police
        camp as the Iraqi National Scout Headquarters and Camp. There is a climbing
        tower on the site, which requires some modifications to turn it in to a safe
        top rope tower.


        / \
        ----------- Anthony "Mel" Tormey
        (| @ @ |) Last Frontier Council
        | > | Oklahoma City, OK
        | \_/ | NE-VI-29(A Hungry Bear)
      • Bill Nelson
        Message 3 of 4 , Jun 2, 2004
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          SCOUTING in IRAQ

          You can help! Support and promote OPERATION POCKET CHANGE to raise
          money for Iraqi Scouting.

          As part of our International Scouting Public Diplomacy
          initiative, I'm asking every Scout Unit we can reach, anywhere in
          the world, to have the Scouts, Scouters, friends, family, and even
          co-workers put their pocket change each day into a jar for a week,
          then have the "family Scout" turn the collection over to the Scout
          Master or Unit Treasurer. The Troop, Pack, Crew then converts the
          money into a check at the weekly (or monthly) meeting, and sends the
          amount to the BSA World Friendship Fund earmarked for "Iraqi
          Scouting." Continue the Operation (OPC)until we reach our
          objectives. Collected contributions should be sent to:

          World Friendship Fund
          Boy Scouts of America
          1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
          PO Box 152079
          Irving TX 75015-2079

          Make checks or money orders out to "WFF" but note on
          them that the donation is "to help restart Iraqi Scouting." 100% of
          the funds will go to the Iraqi Scouting Initiative via channels to
          the World Scouting Organization, Arab Scouting Organizations and the
          Iraqi National Scout Council. BSA will provide tax-deductible
          receipts in due course.

          Spread the word far and wide to your own Scouting networks,
          Units, Districts and Councils (Scouters can earn credit for the
          International Scouter Knot), friends, family, or corporations. If
          every Scout and Scouter in the US contributed even $1, we'd have the
          $4 million for the construction and enough leftover for a permanent
          endowment for Iraqi Scouting and to launch other plans that will
          benefit not only Iraq and the region, but Scouting as a whole, and
          the world at large. If every Scout in the World were to
          contribution, miracles could happen.


          (A) FOUR MILLION DOLLARS : Needed to turn a 40 acre, 5 building,
          former Saddam secret police camp into a world class, 21st Century
          National Iraqi Scout HQS, Regional Scout Camp, and International
          Scouting Center. Plans call for the HQS and Center to have

          · National Iraqi Scout HQS offices with modern equipment and
          national/international connectivity
          · An International Scout Center for visiting Scouts and
          Scouters to use when visiting Iraq
          · A Training Center for Scouts and Adult Leaders
          · Conference Rooms
          · A Computer Lab for Scouts, Scouts, and Community use
          · An Iraqi Scout Museum
          · A Scout Shop
          · A Movie Theatre (for training and community entertainment)
          · A No Trace Scout Camp with a Nature Preserve and
          Outdoor/Scouting Labs
          · A Jamboree Site and Assembly Area (usable for sports and
          other Scout and community activities the rest of the year).
          · An Aquatics Center with 600 meters of Tigris Riverfront
          · A Top-Rope, certified Climbing Tower and Wall
          · A Dormitory for visiting Scouts and Scouters who are not
          · A Restaurant or Cafeteria for Staff, Visitors, and Scouts
          · A field dining or mess hall for Campers
          · COPE course
          · Archery Range
          · Campfire and Assembly area with Reviewing Stand
          · Secure and Safe environment for Scouts, Scouters,
          Community activities, and visitors

          Note: The prime real estate was acquired for the Iraqi Scout
          Council at no cost. JUMPSTART Int'l is providing 100 workers at no
          cost to the Iraqi Scouts to demolish bomb damaged buildings and
          clear looter-caused damage and debris. On a budget of zero dollars
          to date, we have acquired property and accomplished tangible results
          that few non-Scouters thought could be done in such a short time.
          Now Scouters have to demonstrate that the world community of
          Scouting is behind the youth, adults, and communities of Iraq, by
          funding the construction and building phases of the program.

          (B) TEN MILLION DOLLARS -- Eventually need to establish a
          permanent endowment that will provide ongoing operational and
          staffing income to keep Iraqi Scouting free, independent, and
          functioning for the rest of its existence.

          (C) ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS – This is an ambitious goal, and
          not one we don't need to achieve in the first year, but it would not
          hurt. However, working towards this goal and achieving in the
          shortest period of time will allow for a multi-year or permanent
          program to do the following:

          . Provide uniforms, equipment, office, and support
          facilities for an infrastructure, system of regional camps, and
          staffing to support 500,000 Iraqi Scouts by the year 2005.
          · Upgrade and bring back on line approximately two dozen or
          more Scout Camps in the 18 Provinces of Iraq.
          · Train a new generation of Iraqi Adult Scout leaders in the
          Essential Leadership Skills and Program Management courses to make
          them professional.
          · Facilitate the acquisition and building of facilities for
          a "Philmont-like" International Scout Reservation in the majestic
          Kurdish northeast region of Iraq, among some of the most scenic and
          pristine mountains and valleys in the Middle East.
          · Establish 5 major "Geographic Scout Camps" in Iraq, to
          allow for all levels of Scouting to engage in Scouting, Camping, and
          Leadership activities in the Mountains, Desert/Oasis, River Valleys,
          Forests, and Marsh/Coastal areas of Iraq.
          · Establish an Iraqi Sea Scout base on the northern tip of
          the Arabian/Persian Gulf
          · Provide the means and methods to invite International
          Scouts to Iraq, without regard to creeds, cultures, or political
          obstacles in their homeland.
          · Promote international understanding through the building
          of relationships through Scouting.
          · Provide the means for Iraqi Scouts and Scouters to visit,
          most for the first time, other countries of the world to become a
          part of the world community again.
          · Allow for solid, professional Scouting programs that bring
          the "Promise of Scouting" not only to the youth of Iraq, but to
          Scouts elsewhere in the region and world through Scouting based in
          Iraq. (Invitational Leadership Program).

          Remember these thoughts:

          · A dream is just an idea. Reality is a dream with a plan
          of action. We have both.
          · For $4 million we can do the unbelievable in Baghdad. For
          $100 million, the face of the Middle East could be changed for the
          better through Scouting programs based in Iraq.
          · If we all push a pebble (contribute a little), we can move
          mountains (achieve even our most ambitious goals).
          · Scouting has a history of uniting people and cultures. It
          shares Universal Values and Builds Relationships that transcend
          ethnic, cultural, national, international, political, and religious
          · Scouting is the Diplomacy of Youth.
          · Scouting is not just a program of activities. It is a
          method of teaching young people how to make the moral and ethical
          decisions they will need throughout their lives. In a world going a
          bit mad, a new generation of leaders will need the attributes
          Scouting gives them.
          · This is for boys and girls. Men and Women.

          Yours In Scouting
          Chip Beck
          Chairman, Green Zone Council of Volunteer Scouters
          Iraqi Scouting Initiative
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