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LST & NLE delivery methods

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  • Michael N. Kazarinoff
    ________________________________________________________________________ Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:21:58 -0600 From: Ken.Walker@mscsoftware.com Subject: LST &
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      Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:21:58 -0600
      From: Ken.Walker@...
      Subject: LST & NLE delivery methods?
      I'm usually a lurker on this list, but I have a question for the group:

      For those that know, how does your district training team "present" the
      material for Leader Specific Training? (and NLE for that matter.)
      There are many methods:
      - PowerPoint w/ projection equipment
      - PowerPoint created overheads (eg "foils")
      - Print out PPT hand-outs
      - Flip charts ("PaperPoint")
      - Whiteboard
      - Feltboard
      - good old fashioned lectures
      - other methods?

      Why do I ask? It seems BSA-National is pushing to standardize presentations
      using "modern electronic techniques" (eg, PowerPoint on a projection
      system). I use PPT all the time in business -- this is no big deal to me.
      However, it seems most trainers DON'T have access to electronic methods.

      I also see this issue on the new WB21C courses -- the first weekend seems
      to be dominated by PPT presentations.

      I'm interested in any and all observations from others. I would prefer to
      keep the discussion on the methods, and not opinions on the methods <grin>.
      Hopefully, trainers use techniques that work best for them AND their
      audience. Right?

      -Ken Walker
      ASM T-259
      Plano, TX

      One of the clear learning objectives of the Trainer Development
      Conference is to get trainers to use a variety of technical Training
      Technologies and a variety of presentation devices Training Methods. If
      you have access to the TDC syllabus I would review all of them. Some of
      the suggestions are built into the NLE syllabus - Buzz groups to discussion
      program specific instances of aims and methods for instance. It is true
      that NLE has a lot of video and canned PowerPoint, but another admonition
      for staff development of TDC is to "Personalize Presentations", make them
      your own. Different learning styles in the participants will be better
      served by a variety of training technologies and training methods in any
      training setting that lasts more than maybe 30 minutes.
      Same is true in spades fro WB21C in my opinion. Despite efforts
      on some courses to make the TG's give the same canned presentations (under
      the rubric of adhering to the syllabus) and to go with canned PowerPoint
      for Troop presentations, I think better success comes from applying the TDC
      lessons. Just my 2 cents and worth both pennies.

      Yours in Scouting,

      Michael N. Kazarinoff
      Baden-Powell Council Training Chair
      Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 4 Ithaca NY
      Ithaca, NY 14850-1720
      Home: 111 Randolph Rd. (607) 257-4026
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