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  • Teresa P Hall
    Thanks! - T ... From: Dave Loomis [mailto:dloomis@nh.ultranet.com] Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 3:25 PM To: scouter_t@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re:
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      Thanks! - T

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      A bin item number usually has the format NN-NNN. The number 13
      not have any significance since every booklet in the Library of
      Literature as an LU prefix, while the books themselves don't carry
      this prefix. The book I cited costs around $ 6.55, plus postage if
      you send off for it.

      The next Library of Literature, 70-080C, should be available
      from the
      National Supply Service about May - they often say March, but don't
      often hit it. Again, this book which is a bin item, 70-080 and is
      available free from your council service center, if they ordered some,
      or from the NSS in North Carolina, 1 800 323 0732.

      Unfortunately bin items are not cataloged in the Library of
      Literature, perhaps because there are so many of them and most pertain
      to council operations.


      Teresa P Hall wrote:

      > I need some re-education, then. I thought you had to pay for the Boys
      > Scout IOLS booklet, and the number for it is preceded with an LT. I
      > thought the 13- in front of the OLS4WL number indicated a bin item --
      > thus, something different.
      > Another point on which I need education -- are bin items in the
      > of Literature at all? I can't find any -- but maybe I'm just not
      > looking carefully enough. I should hasten to add - my LOL is 2002, I
      > not get a 2003 and now am hanging in 'til the 2004 are out.
      > Teresa

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