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Re: [Scouter_T] crossposts etc

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  • Scouter Chuck
    Wendell wrote... ... To a point. I know what you re saying, but I see things a bit differently. ... And normally, this would happen. However, there are more
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2004
      Wendell wrote...

      > IMHO, the philosophy of whether a reply goes to the list or the sender
      > is pretty basic. It comes down to is the definition of the list -- it's
      > either a discussion group or an announcement list.

      To a point. I know what you're saying, but I see things a bit

      > Scouter_t is a discussion group, so the replies by default
      > go to the group (hence everyone can benefit from them).

      And normally, this would happen. However, there are more than
      a few time across the 5 lists where I have this problem, where
      I have needed to make a personal reply to the poster -- either
      to pass on something that was not postable to the list address,
      or to pass them basic or esoteric information that would help
      them, but either wasn't necessary to tell everyone on the list.

      Setting the "Reply to" option to be poster may not have the effect
      that you think, although most of the list member may have a bit
      of trouble with in, initially.

      > Most people that have problems with this type of list are actually
      > having problems using their email package.

      I use Cox webmail. I am reasonabley sure that I can't fix the
      problems there.

      > The e-mail package I have used for years pops up a box and
      > lets me choose if the from is not the reply too!
      > Outcrook and many other packages don't offer this level of
      > capability so the user has to figure out how to correctly
      > who they reply to -- for instance in Outlook by default the
      > replies go to the list, but to reply to just the sender requires
      > selecting "Reply All" and then deleting everyone that the reply
      > doesn't need to go.

      Or, in my case, after I have selected "reply", copying the poster's
      address from the "From" field and pasting it into the "to" field
      manually. Reply and Reply All both display the list address
      with no others.

      So, I do that and just as I finish the post, Cox informs me that I
      have been logged off the email program for non-use. (Writing
      a post in the on-line editor is not doing anything on-line.)
      So I set up the reply again, and paste the reply back in, and
      have just lost the address I want to reply to.

      That's why I said I just don't bother to do anything a lot anymore.

      Yes, it would be a lot easier to use Eudora on my PC and not
      try to use webmail. However, with webmail, if I forward a virus
      to someone, it came from server to server, and my PC didn't have
      a hoot to do with it.


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