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Re: [Scouter_T] Are our posts being forward somewhere?

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  • Wendell Brown
    Neither Scouts-L@listserv.tcu.edu or WDBADGE-L@LISTSERV.AMERICAN.EDU are members of Scouter_T. As to how messages are getting cross posted I have no idea.
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 20, 2003
      Neither Scouts-L@... or WDBADGE-L@...
      are members of Scouter_T. As to how messages are getting cross posted
      I have no idea. I've checked the Scouts-L archive back to October and
      I found 10 results with [Scouter_T] in the subject:

      139431 03/10/01 06:28 56 [Scouter_T]
      2003-2004 PowWow Books
      139451 03/10/01 09:59 83 Re: [Scouter_T]
      2003-2004 PowWow Books
      139453 03/10/01 10:03 35 Re: [Scouter_T]
      2003-2004 PowWow Books
      139455 03/10/01 08:24 74 Re: [Scouter_T]
      2003-2004 PowWow Books
      140323 03/10/27 18:29 63 [Scouter_T] 3 -day
      JLT Courses
      141387 03/12/03 09:36 68 [Scouter_T] Hudson
      Valley University of Scouting
      141633 03/12/11 07:57 86 [Scouter_T]
      Commissioner version Troop/PackMaster
      141882 03/12/18 14:32 127 [Scouter_T] Off
      Topic: Holiday Safety Tips
      141896 03/12/19 01:39 20 Re: [Scouter_T]
      Off Topic: Holiday Safety Tips
      141909 03/12/19 12:46 24 Re: [Scouter_T]
      Off Topic: Holiday Safety Tips

      Since all messages that come FROM Scouter_t will have [Scouter_T] in
      the subject, these are the only messages that could have crossed over
      from Scouter_T. Of these messages the first one is a copy of a message
      that I manually forwarded to scouts-l from Scouter_t so it is legit
      (abet, somewhat stupid on my part). The next 3 are comments on my
      message. The last two messages are comments on your question. That
      leaves 4 possible messages (out of about 200 messages sent to Scouter_T
      in that time frame) that could have been copied. To be totally honest,
      I can't tell much more from the headers available from Scouts_L.

      We need to keep an eye on this, but at this point there isn't enough
      info to see where the problem is or if it's just some weird anomaly....

      On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 19:31:09 -0500, Scouter Chuck wrote:

      >I made a post yesterday to a number of groups that I subcribe to,
      >and later found that both the Scouts-L list and the WDBadge-L list
      >had my original post in text, as well as a copy of the post in HTML
      >code, with the "Scouter-T" in the header.
      >Does anyone know if this list is set to echo (or is subscribed to)
      >Scouts-L and WDBadge-L?
      >Another possiblilty: Does anyone here who is subscribed to both
      >possibly have their email options set to auto forward these posts,
      >and set it accidentally to those lists?
      >Just something that I think someone should look into. Wendell?
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