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RE: [Scouter_T] training questions

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  • Jeff Wakefield
    ... is in attendance. ... Roundtable announcements, round table handouts, web site and the CM s. At least half of the CM s in the district are on the cub
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 14, 2003
      bufflo@... wrote:

      >Hello group:
      >I am in of some ideas on how to promote training so a larger audience
      is in attendance.
      >1. How do you promote job specific training in your district?
      Roundtable announcements, round table handouts, web site and the CM's.
      At least half of the CM's in the district are on the cub training staff.
      >2. How do you convince leaders that they need to attend training?

      Get the CM's to tell the new leaders in the pack that they need

      >3. Do you do anything to jazz up the trainings? Themes, etc....
      Throughout the day I wear a variety of costumes. We do run-ons when any
      one starts losing the audience. I tell a joke or funny story between
      major transitions, we do 4 or 5 skits and sing 4 or 5 songs, and play 2
      or three games so the participants have fun, we break things up, and
      they take new ideas home.

      I try to run the training like a pack meeting. I haven't done this as
      well as I would like, but I have an opening, skits, games, songs,
      advancement and a closing that fits the following month's theme. That
      way the CM's have their next meeting mostly planned. I ca also give
      examples during the CM session on how a Pack Meeting should be run.

      >4. Do your trainings last longer than the alloted time? Is extra
      information added?
      NLE stays right on time, at least as close as I can keep it. The LST
      sessions as listed also stay very close to the syllabus time. But we
      have added several sessions, plus 90 minutes of very practical advice.
      NLE runs from 8:15 until 9:45. LST runs from 10:00 until 3:30. If you
      have already attended LST (like for a DL position) you can come for only
      the afternoon and get trained for another position (i.e. CM>)
      >5. Is the Introduction to Outdoor Leaderskills offered as a stand alone
      course or are there other courses that you offer along with it?

      The Council Training Staff has conducted IOLS, OWL & Baloo on the same

      >6. Is Intro To Outdoor Leader Skills run as a daylong or weekend
      We call ours OWL (Outdoor Webelos Leader Training) and it is run as an
      overnight, Saturday morning at 8:00 until Sunday morning at 11:00.

      If you are talkinh about Scoutmaster Intro to Outdoor Skills, that runs
      from 5:00 Friday until 11:00 Sunday.

      >7. Cubscout Job Specific - do you combine all 5 sessions or run them
      all together as one course.
      The District Training Staff went through the syllabus when it came out
      and we decided to merge some things together. As a group we cover pack
      organization, program planning for the pack, and advancement with all
      five groups there. (CM, CC, TL, DL, WL). We have added an additional
      session that covers Youth Protection Policy and Guidelines (not YPT
      Training) and two-deep leadership, The Guide to Safe Scouting, How to
      get Family involvement in the Pack, and how to handle your own child and
      what his expectations/problems will be when you are a leader.

      Then the Pack Committee folks leave and start their session.

      The CM, TL, DL and WL then get the Uniforming Session and another one we
      developed, "Working with Behavioral Disorders" By the way we ditched
      the uniforming game. People can look in the back of the leader book and
      get that information whenever they need.

      Those sessions bring us to lunch.

      After lunch the CM's and Committee group get together for an hour and we
      discuss how to plan a pack schedule, getting volunteers, fund raising,
      etc. We loosely follow the syllabus here.

      At the same time, the TL, DL, and WL's get together and we talk about
      running a den generically. Planning den meetings, dealing with
      behavior, tips for the new den leader, 101 things every den leader
      should know, working with parents, etc.

      Then for 90 minutes the TL, DL, and Wl's split out and two members of
      the training staff each cover things to do for that rank level, details
      about rank advancement, local resources for trips, and show specific
      projects they have worked on for each rank's achievements and electives.

      The Committee people dive deeper into how to run a meeting, conflicts,
      budgeting, how a committee should be staffed, pack communications,
      recruiting volunteers, etc. with an experienced Committee Chairman or

      And the CM's meet with two veteran CM's and discuss how to plan pack
      meetings, keeping them fun, telling stories, games, cheers, activities,
      planning trips and over nights, forms, etc.

      >8. Are fees charged for NLE or the Job specific courses?
      We charge $5 each for NLE and LST of you pre-register and $7 at the
      door. Those fees support the patches, certificates and CD's we pass
      out, as well as other supplies. See our patches at
      http://www.narragansettbsa.org <http://www.narragansettbsa.org/> and
      click on leadership training. Last time we have 12 pre-registered and
      35 showed up. We will be increasing the at the door fee next year. OWL
      I $12.

      Jeff Wakefield
      Webelos Den Leader

      Pack 25 Cubmaster

      Thundermist District Cub Leadership Development Chair

      Narragansett Council

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