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BST invite [was: What counts toward Boy Scout Camping?]

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  • Ken.Walker@mscsoftware.com
    All- ... ... ... let s ... At the risk of advertising , there is another outlet for Boy Scout related discussions. As I mentioned
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2003
      > > Linda asked:
      <BIG SNIP>
      > > Any help would be appreciated as I'm the record keeper.
      > Mark Elias replied (in part):
      > Just remember that for Camping Merit Badge - all the nights must be under
      > the stars or in a tent
      > If you want to continue this discussion, please email me privately or
      > take this over to a forum that deals with other issues besides training,
      > like Scouts-L.

      At the risk of "advertising", there is another outlet for Boy Scout related
      discussions. As I mentioned previously, I'm owner/moderator for a Yahoo
      Group called Boy-Scout-Talk (yes, a sibling to Cub-Scout-Talk -- I hesitate
      to say older, as CST was first, or bigger, as we have ~250 members vs ~900
      at CST).

      I recognize a number of B-S-T members here at Scotuer_T. For those that
      want to discuss Boy Scout program related issues, "come on over". B-S-T has
      an interesting aspect: several members are Boy Scouts -- they are active
      participants, and add a refreshing viewpoint that is frequently different
      than the adult perspective (go figure, huh?).

      Some of the recent threads include:
      -patrol activities and the G2SS
      -patrol games/team-building
      -Boy Scout monthly themes
      -BS Roundtable planning
      -Board of Review procedures

      All are welcome to join and participate (or lurk, whichever works for you!)


      Ken Walker
      ASM T-259 Plano, TX

      I used to be a Bear - WB-53/SR-269
      and good old Staffer too....
      WB-60/SR-412 - WB-63/SR-485 - WB-66/SR-561
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