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RE: [Scouter_T] RE: Re: Oval Webelos Badge on Blue Shirt

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  • Nell Colbert
    I had the opportunity to pick up the new Webelos handbook at our council scout shop yesterday and was going through it last night to update my Webelos-to-Scout
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 16, 2003
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      I had the opportunity to pick up the new Webelos handbook at our council
      scout shop yesterday and was going through it last night to update my
      Webelos-to-Scout Transition presentation for next month's Roundtable.

      Inside the back cover, there are several pictures under the heading of
      "Official Placement of Insignia". Under "Left Pocket Options" it shows
      three pockets. One pocket has the full diamond with all of the rank
      badges and the caption underneath says "blue or tan shirt"; the second
      picture has just the diamond shaped Webelos badge with the caption "blue
      or tan shirt" and the third picture has just the new oval Webelos badge
      with the caption "tan shirt".

      Inside the handbook, beginning on page 20, is information regarding the
      Webelos uniform and the placement of insignia. The information on page
      20 indicates that the choice of which color uniform to wear is a
      decision made by the scout and his family; page 32 talks about there
      being two ways to wear activity badges (on the optional Webelos colors
      OR on the plaid front panel of the hat) as well as the two different
      styles of Webelos badge. The book states "the one awarded depends on
      personal preference." In the following discussion on page 32 it states:

      "1. A tan oval-shaped cloth badge with an embroidered Webelos symbol.
      This badge is worn on the tan uniform shirt. When a boy wears the
      oval-shaped Webelos badge on his uniform, he does not include Arrow
      Points or Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf or Bear rank badges."

      "2. A diamond shaped cloth badge with a gold and light blue embroidered
      Webelos symbol. Worn on the left pocket of the blue or tan uniform shirt
      with other badges. Webelos scouts who did not earn the Tiger Cub badge
      may wear the diamond shaped Webelos badge in the same place the Tiger
      Cub badge would other-wise be worn."

      Page 33 refers the scouts to a diagram on page 34 for the proper
      placement of insignia. The diagram on page 34 is basically the same as
      the one inside the back cover. The back cover version of the 4 diamond
      shaped badges shows the Tiger Cub badge in the diamond whereas the
      diagram on page 34 shows the diamond-shaped Webelos badge in diamond.
      The notation under each "pocket" on page 34 is the same as on the back
      cover as to the shirt color.

      BTW, I did find a goof in the new handbook in the Athlete activity
      badge. Many of the new badges include options to earn one or more of the
      Sports or Academics belt loops as one of the requirements from which the
      scout may choose. There are only 9 requirements listed for Athlete in
      the shaded area on pages 124-125. However, page 126 implies that there
      should also be a requirement 10 option to earn the Physical Fitness
      sports pin. The handbook states "If you've earned the Physical Fitness
      Sports pin earlier in Cub Scouting, you must earn another Physical
      Fitness Sports pin as a Webelos Scout for requirement 10."

      I did notice a couple of other changes to the requirements for the
      Webelos badge and Arrow of Light in addition to the addition of the
      Character Connections activities. The Citizen activity badge has now
      become a required badge for the Webelos rank (in addition to Fitness)
      and Outdoorsman has now become a required badge for Arrow of Light (in
      addition to Readyman.) There is also no longer a requirement that a
      Webelos scout actually submit a completed application to join any Boy
      Scout troop. Requirement 6 for Arrow of Light (see page 64) states:

      "After you have completed all 5 of the above requirements, and after a
      talk with your Webelos den leader, arrange to visit, with your parent or
      guardian, a meeting of a Boy Scout troop you think you might like to
      join. Have a conference with the Scoutmaster."

      Hope this helps clarify some of the questions regarding the placement of
      the Oval and diamond shaped Webelos badges as well as high-light some of
      the recent changes to the Webelos requirements.

      Nell Colbert
      Central Florida Council
      Little Econ District
      Communications Chair
      Cub Scout Trainer
      Webelos-to-Scout Transition Specialist
      Pack 631 Committee Chair

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