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  • Ida Lively
    Hank, In my council (Juniata Valley [Central PA]), we hold BALOO in conjunction with OWL, but it s a separate course. We share many of the advisors/teachers,
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      In my council (Juniata Valley [Central PA]), we hold BALOO in conjunction
      with OWL, but it's a separate course. We share many of the
      advisors/teachers, but have had separate course directors for the courses,
      because they are separate entities.

      These training events are generally held the same weekend as Outdoor Leader
      Skills for Boy Scout Leaders. We normally don't share instructors between
      OLS and OWL/BALOO, but is has been known to happen on occasion.

      The OWL people report Friday evening and training starts. They create their
      patrol flag and head off to their cabins (yep, cabins -- the BS Leaders tent
      camp outside of the cabins) to decide what they're doing for snack, and
      breakfast for the morning [food is provided, they determine which breakfast
      items they're having which day]. We have a "feast" Saturday evening with
      everyone contributing a dish.

      Saturday morning BALOO participants arrive. Lunch is a DUAL deal with both
      BALOO and OWL participants learning to make various foil pack meals. Oh,
      and the OWL/BALOO staff join in here, too.

      BALOO leave between 3:30 and 4:00 PM, and about that time OWLs leave to
      prepare their dish for the feast.

      YP Discussion after the dinner, which includes the leaders from our OLS
      group (SM/ASM) ... campfire and then everyone retires.

      Sunday morning includes a Scouts Own Service, a Flag raising and retirement
      and just a couple short sessions. OWL Scouts Own and Flag sessions are held
      with the OLS group.

      So .... what should you do? I'd contact the course director for your BALOO
      course (OWL), and find out exactly what the situation is. It could be that
      the situation 'fixes' itself. If the cub scout leaders are adverse to the
      two night camping, they won't attend the training, or they will find other
      training sessions on their own.

      If you find they're enforcing the two nights camping rule for BALOO
      participants, I would encourage your leaders to go to other training. I
      think it's good to go to another council/district/etc. training just to see
      what they're doing. Maybe you can find some ideas ... or maybe you can
      share some ideas on how to make their program better.

      Whatever you do .... encourage them to TRAIN, and not just skip the

      Ida Lively
      Nittany Mountain District Cub Scout Training Chair
      Juniata Valley Council Training Team
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