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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast -- THE CHALLENGES

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  • Ida Lively
    This is an ALL DAY event. Play begins early Saturday Morning and winners are announced at campfire. Theme is loosely based on SURVIVOR. Will have chances to
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      This is an ALL DAY event. Play begins early Saturday Morning and winners
      are announced at campfire. Theme is loosely based on SURVIVOR. Will have
      chances to form alliances, but will have NO immunity challenges.

      PICKING TEAMS: Mixed teams of parents, boys, and siblings. Each team will
      be a designated color: green, blue, yellow and red. Teams will be chosen by
      each participant reaching into a box and picking a different color bandana.
      Teams will choose a captain.

      Some challenges will involve the entire team, some only certain members.
      Each team member needs to participate in at least 3 challenges. It is up to
      the team captain to make sure that happens.

      Scores will be kept on a large sheet of cardboard, and will only be updated
      by one of the official Survivor Challenge staff members, identified by
      purple bandanas.

      Scoring: Unless otherwise stated in the challenge, scoring is as follows:

      1st place: 10 points
      2nd place: 8 points
      3rd place: 6 points
      4th place: 4 points

      Each team will be given staples for their Noon meal (hot dog, bun, water,
      etc.). With each challenge BEFORE LUNCH, teams will be given a chance to
      earn "extras" (ketchup, mustard, kool aid, chips, etc.). Winning team may
      share their booty with another team (form an alliance). [Hopefully, each
      team will win a challenge so they can add to their lunch.]

      Winning team gets pick of a frozen dessert (ice cream sundae, ice cream
      sandwiches, Popsicles, Dixie Cups [ice cream in a cup]) to enjoy at the
      conclusion of the campfire. Winning team gets first choice of the
      available desserts -- each may choose different items (it's whatever they
      want the most).


      TARGET TOSS: Hula hoops hanging from a rope. Each member of the team gets 1
      chance to throw a bean bag through the hoop. Team with the most completions

      TEAMWORK: Two members will get inside a hula hoop together and must walk
      across a balance beam (2x4). If either member of the team falls off, they
      must restart. When they get to the end, one member must roll the hoop back
      to the next pair. First team to get all members across wins.

      PLANNING: Grid of 144 (12x12). Need 2 people from each team. Each person
      chooses a starting spot. On signal, they each step to an adjoining square.
      The first square (paper plate?) is removed so no one else can enter that
      quadrant. Play continues until players can no longer move. Last player to
      be able to move wins.

      FOOD CHALLENGE: (Entire team). Teams lines up in spots A through D. First
      person in line A is given a choice from covered plates. All people in FIRST
      position must take a bite of whatever the food on the plate is. When done,
      people move to the side -- round ends. Round 2 begins with person in line B
      choosing the plate. Play continues until everyone has had a "food

      Suggested Food Choices: baby food (squash), gummy rats (or other "fun"
      gummy), Brussel sprouts, limburger cheese, onions, beets, apples, etc.

      BLINDMANS' MAZE: Two members from each team. One player will be
      blindfolded, the other will guide through a rope maze (laid on ground) by
      voice alone. Blindfolded player will have to take a cup and fill it from a
      bucket, go through the maze and dump it in a bucket at the end of the maze
      and RETURN through the maze. Whichever team gets the most water in their
      bucket in a 4-minute time limit, is the winner.

      PUZZLE: Mix 3 kids' puzzles (25 pieces) in a Ziploc for each team.
      Whichever team puts all three puzzles together the fastest is the winner.
      [All teams will have identical puzzles in their bags to avoid the "they had
      an easier puzzle" complaint.]

      LIMBO: Each team will pick two members to participate in a limbo contest.

      THEME SONG: Each member of the team gets a turn to try to guess the theme
      song from a movie or TV show. 1 POINT for each correct answer.

      LOCK BOX: Teams are given a bag of numbers which contain the combination
      for a lock. Teams must find the correct combination, open the lock to a
      small box and get a match from inside the box. There will be directions in
      the box telling them to gather firewood and start a fire (in fire ring)
      where they will be given a pan of Jiffy Pop. First team with a fully
      popped Jiffy Pop wins. [Asking for more than one match: -4 points for each
      match ... +2 points if the Jiffy Pop is not burnt!]

      CAN TARGET: Knock the cans off a wall. Cans painted in team colors. Each
      team lines up and takes turns using sling shot (and bean bags) to knock cans
      off the wall. Last can standing is the winner.

      BALLOON BURST: Choose 4 people from each team and tie a balloon around each
      ankle (team colors). Object is to break someone else's balloon while
      keeping yours safe. Last balloon is the winner.

      TEAM CAPTAIN CHALLENGE: Each team captain will be asked what his/her luxury
      item would be if stranded on Survivor Island. Team members will each have a
      guess at the item (individually). Each correct answer scores a point.

      > --------------------------------------------
      > Subject: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
      > What: Pack 59 Family Camping
      > When: Arrive around 8 p.m. on August 8, leave Sunday morning, August 10
      > Who: All Pack 59 families
      > Why: Because it's fun!
      > Where: Camp Mountain Run, near Penfield PA, directions listed below
      > Cost: $10 per family for the weekend, or $5 for just the day on Saturday,
      > August 9
      > We've planned a really fun weekend based on the Survivor theme. Please
      > mark your calendars and plan to join us. For those that can't make the
      > entire weekend, we plan to start our Survivor Challenges about 10 am on
      > Saturday, August 9.
      > We have rented one cabin and one campsite. The intention is that boys and
      > dads, and any moms or sisters that want to join them, will sleep in tents
      > at the campsite. We do have access to a number of tents for those that do
      > not have a tent. Please don't let not having camping gear keep you from
      > attending. We can work around that.
      > The cabin we have rented sleeps 24, and has two bathrooms with indoor
      > plumbing and hot showers. The beds also have mattress, but you need to
      > bring your own bedding.
      > What to bring:
      > Chairs
      > Sleeping bags, if you have them
      > Sleeping pad, if you have one
      > Bathing Suit - there is a pool at camp (we have hired a BSA Lifeguard)
      > What not to bring:
      > Gameboys, Walkmen, any electronic devices
      > xxxx xxxx will contact all those that are planning to attend to split
      > up the food.
      > Please let me know by August 1 if you plan to attend.
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