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Re: [Scouter_T] Re: What's a Redneck? (was From the moderator.....)

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  • Debbie Beer
    It is interesting what you learn in a training session. Many times I have had leaders come into training who have no idea what BSA policies are or how the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 16, 2003
      It is interesting what you learn in a training session. Many times I have
      had leaders come into training who have no idea what BSA policies are or how
      the system works. Even though these same leaders have been running program
      in their area for sometime even years.

      Training is a great place to inform leaders, as well as a great place to
      find out what has been going on within a unit. Even though you may be
      straying from the subject just a little, the value of the conversation can
      be immense. Please keep this in mind while you train.
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      > I'm just back from a week at Camp Jayhawk, so I'm a
      > bit behind. This may have been covered, but I'm
      > hitting it again anyway.
      > Brother Wendell posted in part:
      > <snip>
      > "Seriously, this group IS for Scout Leader Training
      > discussion. I asked that the "Announcement" song
      > thread be shot in the head about a week ago. Please
      > let this thread die."
      > Well said, Wendell.
      > "Also, DON'T take pot shots at other chatters even if
      > you don't agree with their point of view of the color
      > of their hair. Keep it civil or take it somewhere
      > else!
      > Oh, and for the guy that wanted to know what a redneck
      > is, it's me today after spending the weekend getting
      > shooting sports ready for Cub Scout Day Camp (and it's
      > also considered a cowboy wanna be... sorta). :)"
      > Again, well said. My concept of a redneck is someone
      > that is opinionated, perhaps to the point of being
      > bigoted, is generally less than fully-informed, and is
      > unwilling to listen to the viewpoints of others.
      > So, what does this have to do with training? As
      > trainers our job is to inform. We may not change
      > opinions, but perhaps we can help keep someone from
      > making a serious mistake that causes hardship for the
      > boys.
      > As an example: In a recent NLE training session, we
      > wandered for a moment onto the topic of fund raisers.
      > One of those attending stated she didn't think popcorn
      > was a very good fund raiser. I happen to think
      > popcorn is a very good fund raiser, and I asked her
      > what she had found that gave a better return on the
      > time spent and had a lower risk in being stuck with
      > unsold product, and benefitted the boys by helping to
      > support the council. She replied, "We sell raffle
      > tickets and raffle something off every month. And we
      > don't want to do anything that gives the district and
      > council more money."
      > Hopefully I was able to convince her that raffles are
      > against BSA policy as is any other form of gambling as
      > a fund raiser, but I'm not sure I did. She was
      > talking from an uninformed position and wasn't willing
      > to listen to what I had to say on the subject.
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