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RE: [Scouter_T] Character Connections (Scouting Mag Program Help s)

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  • Teresa Hall
    New handbooks are coming out in July, although there is a one-year lead-in. (Doesn t really matter once the old books are gone, does it?) Below is a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2003
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      New handbooks are coming out in July, although there is a one-year lead-in.
      (Doesn't really matter once the old books are gone, does it?) Below is a
      transcription of an article gleaned from another list, which apparently is
      from a communication made to the professional staff.

      Teresa Hall

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      Subject: Fwd: [Cub-Scout-Talk] Re: buying books/neckerchiefs/hats, etc for
      graduation or new scouts

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      Subject: [Cub-Scout-Talk] Re: buying books/neckerchiefs/hats, etc for
      graduation or new scouts

      <other discussion snipped>

      April 2003

      TO: Scout Executives

      FROM: Alan Westberg


      Cub Scout Division


      In our continuing effort to help our leaders deliver a quality Cub Scouting
      program, and to ensure that our program materials remain current and
      age-appropriate, we have enhanced the content of the current boy handbooks.

      These books have been updated for relevance to today's youth,
      appropriateness of content, ease of use, and perceived challenge to the

      We have maintained many of the current elements in these books that have
      proven successful during the past. We have eliminated topics that have
      become dated and do not challenge today's Cub Scouts and their families.

      Some specific revisions are as follows:

      Integrated Character Connections (that draw on Cub Scouting's 12 Core
      Values) directly into selected requirements in each book.

      Infused age-appropriate outdoor program activities into both the
      requirements and the electives in each book.

      Enhanced the advancement and elective trails to create a progressively more
      challenging pathway that logically prepares boys for the next rank in Cub
      Scouting and prepares Webelos Scouts for Boy Scouting.

      Reformatted and enhanced the Webelos handbook; particularly, the Webelos
      badge and Arrow of Light Award requirements.

      In an effort to assist you and your leaders with the transition from the
      current handbooks to the new handbooks, we have created the following
      implementation plan.

      The enhanced Wolf, Bear, and Webelos handbooks will be released to the field
      in July.

      The enhancements to the requirements in these books will not affect the
      advancement trails of boys who are using the current books. They are to
      continue using their current books until they have completed all
      requirements in those books.

      Based on availability, Cub Scouting youth members may use either the current
      handbook or the new handbook. As boys enter the program or advance in rank
      by the dates indicated below, they are required to use the new books.

      -Boys who become Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts after August 1 2004, will be
      required to use the new book for the corresponding rank.

      -Boys who become Webelos Scouts after August 1 2005, will be required to
      use the new Webelos Scout Handbook.

      We strongly recommend that this transition information be given to your Cub
      Scouting leaders and families before public announcement about the new books
      to help alleviate any concerns regarding the need to switch from the current
      handbooks to the new ones.

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      To: scouter_t@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Scouter_T] Character Connections (Scouting Mag Program Helps)

      I was wondering if anyone has seen the Program Helps for Cubs in Scouting
      Mag (May June Issue)
      it has Character Connections
      It also mentions that this will be in the handbooks,
      Can anyone tell me more about this?
      Are new Handbooks coming out?
      And when are they going to tell us about it?


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