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  • Wendell Brown
    Due to the recent difficulty finding some moved resources, I ve created a new Publications section on Scouting The Net.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2003
      Due to the recent difficulty finding some moved resources, I've created
      a new "Publications" section on Scouting The Net.


      The current Publications linked from here are:

      A Year in the Life #02-303

      A Year-Round Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting #18-748

      Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities #18-260

      Climb On Safely - Overview #20-099

      Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines For 2003 - Tiger Cubs - Cub Scouts
      - Webelos Scouts Parents and Families #13-631

      Guide To Safe Scouting #34416B

      How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship #25-352

      New Basic Leader Training Information #18-813

      Passport to High Adventure Training Outline #18-075

      Principals of Leave No Trace #21-105

      Summer Camp Outcomes Study #02-448

      Teaching Leave No Trace #21-117

      To Be Physically Fit #19-327

      The Building Blocks of Scouting #34307

      Troop Open House #18-706

      Venturing Marketing Guide #25-309

      Venturing Out: Keys to Safe Driving #25-292

      Webelos To Scout Transition #18-086

      Wendell Brown
      Scouting The Net -- http://www.arkie.net/scouting/
      A Mini-Yahoo for the scouting community.
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