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International Scouting Invitation

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  • Ida Lively
    I don t know how many on this list received the same invitation, but I thought I d pass this along. Ida ... From: Richard Axtman Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2003
      I don't know how many on this list received the same invitation, but I
      thought I'd pass this along.


      From: Richard Axtman <scout_king@...>
      Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 06:16:45 -0800 (PST)
      To: scout_king@...
      Subject: International Scouting Invitation


      We would like to cordially invite you and all your Scout
      leader friends to join one of the Largest FREE International
      Scouting News, Information and Discussion E-mail List Groups
      called the "Scouts NewEngland Network" (SNE_NET).

      We have over a thousand members in 50 countries and 48 states in
      the U.S.A. who share their Scouting knowledge. Our group started
      back in 1997 and has been steadily growing. Join us today !

      We are a great resource for ALL levels of Scout Leaders who
      are always looking for Scouting resources. You can compare notes,
      discuss problems and find answers to all your Scouting questions
      with us. You will learn about the latest Scouting News (stories
      published by the News Media), leader trainings, special events,
      ceremonies, games, skits, songs, recipes, tips, new ideas and all
      kinds of other useful Scouting information. Through us you will
      hear about the latest web sites with good Scouting related material
      and you will learn how to really enjoy Cyber-Scouting on the
      World Wide Web. Plus you'll make new Scouting friends and
      contacts all over the world.

      One of the nice features of our E-mail List Group is you will
      have three choices of how you receive the information we share.

      1) Individual E-mails, sent one message file at a time.

      2) Daily Digest, a day's worth of messages sent to you as a
      single E-mail file.

      3) No E-mail, you will receive no e-mail messages at all, but can
      read all our messages online in our 'Members Only' web site
      message archive.

      You can change your membership delivery option at anytime all
      by yourself and switch between any of these three settings.

      We have over 6895 of our E-mail messages stored in our "Members
      Only" online keyword searchable archives. Our messages cover
      a very wide range of topics, so it's like having a Scouting
      encyclopedia and magazine at your disposal. Join us today and
      you'll gain full access to all our files for research and your
      reading pleasure.

      To join us simply click "Reply" in your e-mail program and
      type in your answers for the entries in the form below.
      Then click "Send" in your E-mail program to return this to

      All our members have filled out this form without exception.
      The information you provide will be kept private and not
      displayed on the Internet.

      IMPORTANT: All Entries Must Be Filled In To Join Our Group

      Your E-mail Address:

      Your First Name:

      Your Last Name:

      Your Scout Leader Position:

      Your Scout Unit Type, Unit Number, City, State:

      Your Scout Council Name, City, State (or if you're in a
      Foreign Country please give your District & County):

      Your Country (If not in the USA):

      You and any of your leader friends can also register by using
      our online web site form that you'll find here:

      If you have or know someone that owns a Scouting web site could
      you please request adding a link to "Scouts NewEngland" using
      this URL: http://sne.tripod.com

      Thank You in advance for helping our Scouting Network grow.

      We look forward to you joining us and please tell all your
      Scouting friends about us !

      Serving You and Scouting,

      Richard Axtman
      Founder and President of
      The World Scout Exchange: http://worldscoutexchange.tripod.com and
      Scouts NewEngland: http://sne.tripod.com
      My E-mail Address: scout_king@...

      If you are not interested in this offer please excuse this message
      and just delete it. Or forward it to one of your friends that is
      a Scout Leader who may be interested. Our goal is to offer all
      Scout Leaders a great FREE Scouting resource.
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