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Re: [Scouter_T] WB 21st Century a pilot ??

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  • Stu Allen
    OK I know it s really bad form to follow up one s own post, but I think some clarification is needed here. ... OK I *thought* I made it clear that I fully
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 12, 2003
      OK I know it's really bad form to follow up one's own post, but I think
      some clarification is needed here.

      On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 02:32:46PM -0500, Stu Allen wrote:
      > OK I've got a question for everyone. But let me preface by saying that
      > I am not in the least bit interested in starting a "real Wood Badge vs
      > new Wood Badge" discussion! AFAIAC, whatever the BSA is currently
      > offering IS "the real Wood Badge" by definition. Oh, and I'm signed up
      > for NE-III-159 which satarts in 73 days! :)

      OK I *thought* I made it clear that I fully understand that the "new"
      Wood Badge is now THE Wood Badge, and I am in fact signed up for our
      council's course this spring and very much looking forward to it. I
      am not at all concerned that this isn't "real" Wood Badge, or that I'm
      somehow being jipped. Far from it!

      I am also very familiar with the *actual* pilot program, where the "new"
      WB was run by several councils to test out the new syllabus while other
      places were still doing the old curriculum. I also understand that the
      last of the "old" courses were run last year (or was it the year before)
      and the only WB now being offered by the BSA is Wood Badge for the 21st

      > But anyways. The other day, I was talking to a Scouter friend of mine,
      > and the topic drifted to Wood Badge. While describing what a wonderful
      > experience it had been for him when he took it he made this statement:
      > "You know that's just a five-year pilot -- that course you're taking"

      Please understand -- it was my *friend* who used the word "pilot"; those
      are his words not mine!

      Apparently this all came out of a discussion that happened at our RT
      this month. I was not at the Boy Scout breakout so I didn't hear it
      myself, but several of the responses to my original post have given
      me the explanation I believe -- that the BSA has announced that no
      changes will be made to the new WB for 5 years, and that at the end of
      that time any 'tweaking' that needs to be done will happen.

      Somehow my friend translated that in his head to "5 year pilot"! :)

      Thanks for all the answers everyone, and I'm sorry if I stirred anyone
      up over this.


      Stu Allen email: allensr@...
      CM/SA Pack/Troop 92
      Spencerport NY
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