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Life to Eagle

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  • wahowland@aol.com
    ... The original poster made reference to an adult-led process that would shepherd a Life Scout thru everything re an Eagle project, and it should be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2003
      >For those of you who feel that the proper way to handle advancement from
      >Life to Eagle is just to hand over that blank packet, you may want to enroll
      >in a class called from Life to Eagle at your local scouting university.
      > You
      >may learn a thing or two.

      <sigh> The original poster made reference to an adult-led process that would
      shepherd a Life Scout thru everything re an Eagle project, and it should be
      the other way around. There is nothing wrong with checking in with the Scout
      to say, "How's it all going?" from time to time, and making yourself
      available to answer his questions, but I have a real problem with an adult
      structure that gives a timeline for everything, makes assignments for portion
      completion, and generally prompts the youth when and how to do everything (as
      opposed to checking his work in the format given).

      The structure as given in the L-t-E packet gives the appropriate structure
      for writing up a proposal and getting it vetted and approved by the adults
      who should do this-- the TCC, the SM, the beneficiary organisation, and the
      rep of the district or council Eagle Board. This is far different from
      saying, "OK, it's January 15 and you have to have your first paragraph in by
      january 21st; the schedule calls for your materials list to be due in to us
      by Feb 1st...." I have seen efforts like this and they're painful to watch,
      as the initiative and planning is removed from the Scout and defaults to the
      adult. This is not guidance, it's control.

      A Scout old enough and mature enough to be seeking Eagle should be able to
      recognize when he needs a question answered and when he needs more
      information, and shoud be able to ask for help writing a proposal if he needs
      help. What I object to is the imposition of a structure above and beyond the
      actual L-t-E packet requirements by well-meaning adults who feel that if they
      don't do this the Scout will be incapable of completing his Eagle.

      I am here to tell ya that there are plenty of Eagles who do it just fine
      without this sort of pushing and micromanaging (which is not support, no
      matter how well-meant).

      Sure the Eagle board loves to see grammar and spelling, and all that.
      However, I can assure you that this is not a prime concern. What they really
      want to see is evidence that the Scout is showing and using leadership and
      planning skills.

      Hope this clarifies things. "Never do someting for a boy that he can do for
      himself" doesn't mean it has to be done to your adult standards. It means he
      does it. Trust the youth to do it... and get out of the way.

      Auntie Beans
      Cape Cod & Islands Council, MA
      Training Committee Chair
      NSJ 1997, 2001 Nat'l Health & Safety
      Abake Mi-Sa-Na-Ki Lodge #393
      I useta be an Eagle....NEI-188
      and now I'm a staffer! NE-I-209
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