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[camporee-L]: Weather Emergencies

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  • Ida Lively
    This message came from another board; however, considering the experience on these lists, I thought someone might have experience/ideas. Ida ... From: Lloyd
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2002
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      This message came from another board; however, considering the experience on
      these lists, I thought someone might have experience/ideas.


      From: Lloyd Solis <paperclp@...>
      Organization: SOS
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      Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 11:31:33 -0600
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      Subject: [camporee-L]: Weather Emergencies

      A couple of months ago I posed a question to our Camping and H&S
      "What is our policy of handling a severe weather emergency in camp
      during a very large event where we have from 500-5000 participants?"
      Usually the events of 1000 or more people are semi-annual cub scout
      family events, rather than Boy Scout Troops.
      We are remote, do not have access to cable TV and the weather channel.
      Notification and reaction times can be but a few precious minutes - or
      less and dependent on local radio and TV.

      We are in fairly good shape in our ability to provide adequate shelter
      for summer camp weeks, winter camp, 'small' district camping of several
      hundred campers. It's those larger district/council events of overnight
      campouts that raise my cautions.

      One of our considerations is evacuation of camp when severe weather is
      expected. Unfortunately, the direction of our evacuations (to everyone's
      homes) would be 'through' the storm. Most of our weather comes from west
      to east / northwest to southeast. That's the direction that our council
      has to travel (southwest) to reach home since camp is 75-150 miles
      distance and Northeast. Who wants to drive through severe weather, on
      two lane narrow highways through forest areas where tree debris would be
      commonplace to hitting vehicles and blocking roads?

      Another thought is to evacuate to their vehicles in large clear parking
      lots. That can be good in consideration of lightning, but risky in the
      event of windstorm debris..

      Large buildings (dining hall) could 'jam' 1000 standing / sitting
      people, but has glass windows on three sides. Other building are
      certainly not 'storm proof'. It does not make sense to risk injury to a
      large number of people in a single 'man-made' structure to avoid injury
      - compared to a few in scattered campsites with only their tents for
      protection. There is NO natural cover anywhere.
      "Hunker down and someone will be there to help the injured after the
      storm seems to be our current policy." That just is not good enough!
      We've all seen the results of tornadoes. We have to do better than
      'hunkering down in tents'.


      District Camping Chair

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