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  • Thomas G Bingaman
    Oh boy the good Old Boy network strikes again. There is no requirement as to who presents the regalia at a presentation or when to hold the ceremony. The
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 7, 2002
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      Oh boy the good Old Boy network strikes again. There is no
      requirement as to who presents the regalia at a presentation
      or when to hold the ceremony. The only thing is the ceremony
      should be dignified. Beads can be presented at a roundtable,
      a training function, a troop meeting or all of them.
      Yes we have done multiple presentations.

      I have been presenting beads for the last 20 yr. and recently,
      about seven years ago I started asking the recipient who they
      wanted to present them with their beads.
      We have asked wives, children, staff members, prior recipients
      beaded or not,

      The ceremony has grown into opening with the blowing of the
      Kudo horn, usually find the troup bugler can handle the task.
      Next the history of the items presented, then having the
      designated person present the items.
      Usually have a hand axe in a small log and a candle representing
      the final ceremony. Well we can do away with the candle for
      those earned in the 21 Century Wood Badge. After the award has
      been made we, with prior consent, ask the person who earned the
      award to say a few words about the experience from the time on
      the hill in camp to even how it has impacted their life at home,
      work and in Scouting. We then close with the blowing of the Kudo.

      We only sing the song if we are in the majority. I have turned
      down requests to sing at Council events or Roundtable's those
      present usually resent our actions.

      We did have a ceremony at a Camporee gathering of Wood Badge members
      and presented seven sets of beads there were about 100 in attendance
      at a public location and sang all Eight critters, even a Ninth, Raven
      and Tenth, Explorer. If you have never heard the verse it starts out
      'I used to camp with Bridger, Carson, Clark and Boone etc.'

      To get your Award by mail in a envelope has never been acceptable for
      me. I have been contacted many times by my Council and journeyed to
      many of our ten districts to be involved with presenting the award to
      Scouters I have only meet that night.

      When I started in 1968 there were 100 names on a mimeographed
      list we now are up over 1000 that have attended and have a 98%
      completion rate. My course, 64 attended 35% completed. My how
      thing have improved by tracking our course participants.

      Tom Bingaman
      I used to be a Beaver...328 (1968)
      Yep staffed 17 times, CD 3 times
      Chief Seattle Council |>>>---|>--->|
      Green River District Training Chair
      (Renton WA)

      Sean Scott wrote:
      >>The rest of Sean's comments were on the mark, but I must
      >>respectfully disagree with Sean's statement quoted above,
      >>or at least the word "MUST." Of course, it could be a
      >>local requirement.
      > This may very well be true. I was set to present beads for one of my course
      > co-participants (and good friend) at summer camp. I was at the time on
      > staff, but hadn't yet received my third bead. We happened to be at camp that
      > week for a development, along with the regional WB rep and course mentor,
      > and they both told me that since I did not yet have my third bead I couldn't
      > present. My involvement was limited to singing the song. The course and
      > program director did the presentation instead.
      > This isn't something I saw in writing, just what I was told (albeit by two
      > folks I would assume should know) and so I shouldn't have spoken with such
      > authority on it. Thanks, Jak, for pointing that out!
      > As for receiving beads at a troop level, we had three people receive theirs
      > at our troop COH last February, and it got their color picture on the front
      > page of the local section of the paper! I also know of people who've had
      > their beads presented more than once--at the district RT as well as their
      > unit level.
      > YiS,
      > Sean
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