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Re:Recognition Ideas Needed

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  • Alfred M. Lee
    From: David Seibold ... David, Just a couple of thoughts for you. (1) To thank your DE, don t go with something from the Scout
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 15, 2002
      From: "David Seibold" <d_seibold@...>
      > Subject: Recognition Ideas Needed
      > We have a super DE who is always there when you need him. We would
      > like to recognize him somehow at the December roundtable but can't
      > think of what to do... We are a small district that is struggling to
      > get back on its feet. Our combined Roundtable attendance has gone
      > from 4 to 25 people in the past year and we are starting to plan
      > district events again after several years of almost nothing. All of
      > this development has been under his leadership and inspiration. He
      > also holds the position of Council Field Director so he really
      > doesn't have much time for us... but he makes time for us!
      > anyone have any ideas for me?
      > Thanks in advance.


      Just a couple of thoughts for you. (1) To thank your DE, don't
      go with something from the Scout Shop/National catalog --- they see that
      stuff all the time, just like we do, it's just not special enough. (2)
      Not a good setting for a gag award, however strong, and sometimes useful,
      that tradition is in Scouting. (3) Something decent, made by the
      membership, can be really good. Our District has a couple of woodcarvers
      among its membership, who can usually be prevailed upon to produce a
      carved hiking stick, plaque or something of the sort, suitable for such
      occasions. Brainstorm among your District --- many people, especially
      the interesting sorts of people who get into Scouting, tend to have other
      hobbies that can be valuable resources for your district's needs.


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