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Minimum training requirements

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    In a message dated 9/6/02 5:58:18 AM, scouter_t@yahoogroups.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2002
      In a message dated 9/6/02 5:58:18 AM, scouter_t@yahoogroups.com writes:

      A question came up that I thought would be best posed to you. What are the
      current absolute training musts? I know what the recommended training
      sequence. I need to know what is absolutely required by National for a Cub
      Scout and a Boy Scout Leader. Much to my surprise several of our Training
      Team stated that the only true required training is BALOO for Cub Leaders if
      they wish to take their units camping. I have always thought that all
      primary leaders must be trained for their position. I need what ever you
      know referenced by source and page. >>

      Alas, your team members are correct. Unlike the GSUSA, which requires
      training for all leaders BEFORE they take leadership of a troop, the BSA does
      not. On paper, the Health & Safety course says on the front page that it is
      required for every registered leder every two years... more honored in the
      breach than the observance, by my observation. A BALOO-trained leader is
      required by a Pack for pack camping. And various camps, Jamboree, Philmont,
      etc., require SSD/SA, YP, and suchlike. But BSA National requirements to lead
      youth units? Nada. Nope. Zilch. There is no requirement that any leader
      obtained "trained" status at any time [FS, NLE, PST].

      I personally think this is beyond dumb, but they're not asking my opinion. I
      expect it's because they either have so little confidence in their materials
      that people will refuse to sit for them, or they are afraid that requiring
      training will scare people away from volunteering in the first place. But
      considering that studies show that parents expect that when they entrust
      their kids to us we will have trained leaders for them, I think it approaches
      the level of, well, dare I say? <<<<teeeeeny letters to follow>>>>> scam.

      Flameproofies on.

      Auntie Beans
      Cape Cod & Island Council, MA
      Training Committee Chair
      NSJ 1997, 2001 Nat'l Health & Safety
      Abake Mi-Sa-Na-Ki Lodge #393
      I useta be an Eagle....NEI-188
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