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Re: [Scouter_T] Absolute Training

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  • Scouter Chuck
    David wrote... ... [snip] ... While I don t know the level of the prior knowledge/experience , I can offer 2 suggestions. First is what I tell people in my
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6 11:50 PM
      David wrote...

      > The simple problem is that there are several units in our council
      >who refuse to take any form of training.
      >self proclaimed prior knowledge/experience are the most common

      While I don't know the level of the "prior knowledge/experience",
      I can offer 2 suggestions.

      First is what I tell people in my district about Training. "Having
      been a Cub or Boy Scout does not teach you haw to manage a unit, or
      the position. As a boy, you only saw the fun, not the work involved
      behind the scenes to make sure that your unit had a good outing/event".

      Second, a number of years ago, we were having trouble with a trained
      leader who refused to come to SMF for an update. It was suggested
      to me to play in his vanity, and ask him to serve on staff in the
      position of "Troop Guide" to a Patrol. In that position, he would
      have to be there with his Patrol for all of the Training. So,
      ostensibly he was there to help train the members of his Patrol,
      the secondary reason was to expose him to the program shanged that
      had occurred since he had taken SMF years before.

      Just 2 thoughts on this issue.


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