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Philmont Report - Additional Info

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  • Sean Scott
    All, Just going over some of my notes on the various discussions that took place at Philmont... ... The panel took this issue back with them for further
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      Just going over some of my notes on the various discussions that took place at Philmont...

      ---An additional publication we should be looking for is the newly redone Self-Study program for leaders to get basic training. Look for it in the fall or early winter.

      ---Tigers may be recruited once they complete Kindergarten, but packs that do not have an active summer program are not encouraged to do so. If a boy joins in the early summer, but there is no program, he's likely to be lost to other activities. If there is a program though, and the boy gets involved, he's hooked!

      ---The number of nights for pack overnighters is not limited, so a unit can take the boys on a two night campout (assuming the other requirements for pack overnighters are met and a tour permit is obtained for the outing).

      ---The new Webelos Leader Outdoor Training syllabus, due out later this year, is designed to be run either as a standalone course, or partly in conjunction with Outdoor Skills Training. In this way, your staff for OWL and OLS can be combined for best effectiveness, with combined sessions for the similar material and breakouts for the program specific material.

      ---One question asked of the panel during Thursday's Fireside Chat pertained to privacy concerns, and how BSA protects our sensitive personal information. Recall that leader applications have our SSN and driver's license information, address, phone numbers and email address. BSA does not and will not sell that information. It was brought up that this information is also retained by the unit. Also of concern were medical forms for camp which are often passed into the hands of volunteers. There were recollections of poorly managed medical stations where medical information was left out in plain view.

      The panel took this issue back with them for further consideration, but in the mean time I would recommend that as leaders, we make it a policy in our units, districts and councils to protect this information and even establish policies for the handling, securing and disposal of sensitive information. Just good practice, I'd say...

      ---Finally, Garfield is out, and is replaced by the Power Pals. There's a whole host of new recruiting material related to the Power Pals, including Spanish and Vietnamese language flyers. Note that if your council is still using Garfield, you shouldn't be. The licensing is expired and you're technically in violation of copyright. And any non-BSA web site (i.e., unit sites) that are using Garfield graphics should "cease and desist" as they never had the permission to use the graphics!

      Let me know if there are questions...


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