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2-deep leadership at Pow Wow

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  • cweiss1219@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2002
      <I received the notice of the next Pow Wow a while back, along with
      the request that I have a helper, as they were now enforcing "2
      deep" leadership on the Pow Wow staff. >

      I believe the request for "2-deep leadership" is simply a request to have
      co-instructors for each course and is not meant to cause you any problems,
      but to avoid any problems on the day of the event.

      You mentioned yourself that you are facing health problems. If something
      were to prevent you from teaching at the Pow Wow, and there was no backup or
      co-instructor, it leaves the event and its participants in a difficult
      situation. Sometimes instructors teach more than one class, and if they
      cannot attend, that leaves two or more classes with no instructor.

      I understand how you feel, and I think there are several options here. But
      to not have any type of backup should not be one of them.

      The overwhelming majority of our 85 or so University classes have two
      instructors. Many of our 47 Pow Wow classes do also, and there is a
      contingency in place for those that don't.

      Please try to understand this as insurance for an outstanding training event,
      and not as an imposition upon yourself.

      Yours in Scouting,

      Cindy Weiss
      Pow Wow Co-Chair
      University President
      Hudson Valley Council, NY
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