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Re: [Scouter_T] Problem with 'Rules"

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  • Stu Allen
    ... OK hang on a second though. Two-Deep is NOT the YP rule that applies to scouts going to see a MB counselor. That rule is No One-on-One contact . In
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 14, 2002
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      On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 08:50:09AM -0400, Ida Lively wrote:
      > Think of Boy Scout Merit Badges ... you either need one scout and a
      > parent/guardian or two or more scouts in order to follow Youth Protection
      > rules.
      > Unless you only have one person in your Pow Wow class, I don't see how this
      > would be an issue; however, if your council so demands, you must obey.

      OK hang on a second though.

      "Two-Deep" is NOT the YP rule that applies to scouts going to see a MB
      counselor. That rule is "No One-on-One contact". In this particular
      case, it is perfectly OK for a scout to bring a 'buddy' (i.e. another
      scout or a sibling) to go see the counselor. The requirement is that
      the adult not be alone (one-on-one) with the scout -- this means either
      another adult OR another youth.

      Of course, as a MB counselor one might want to make sure there is
      another ADULT present for *your* protection as well as the scouts.
      We tell den leaders the same thing -- even though the G2SS says that
      two leaders are required for "trips and outings" (and den meetings
      are neither a trip nor an outing) there should always be at least one
      other adult present.

      Going back to "two-deep" I think you'll find that this rule has been
      around a lot longer than YP has, and it started out as a safety
      precaution -- if there is only one adult present on a hike (for example)
      what happens if that adult gets injured or has a medical problem?

      The BSA has generalized that rule and is now pushing us to *always*
      have a 'backup' leader in place -- for example, a pack should always
      have a trained CM *AND* a trained Assistant Cubmaster who can take
      over if the CM is unavailable. I think this makes a lot of sense.
      Do you want to have to cancel a troop outing because the only adult
      trained in Safety Afloat or First Aid had to back out at the last

      Going back to this specific case I think what this council is trying
      to avoid is the situation where an instructor can't show up at the
      last minute. If there is another person who is ready to teach the
      class then if the instructor wakes up with a 24-hour bug the morning
      of the Pow Wow then they won't have to cancel that session!

      For our council's last Pow Wow we were told that as instructors it
      was *our* responsibility to have a backup plan if we couldn't attend
      at the last minute. We were *encouraged* to train someone else so
      they could teach our class but it wasn't an absolute requirement.

      That's my take on the whole thing. Maybe I've missed something, but
      I think the idea is to avoid having to cancel a session, NOT anything
      to do with YP or safety.


      Stu Allen email: allensr@...
      CM/SA Pack/Troop 92
      Spencerport NY
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