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Re: Leader Eligibility Question

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  • RitterME
    On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:10:52 -0700, Sean Scott wrote: What I m looking for is referenceable, quotable, documented BSA policy, NOT
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      On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 16:10:52 -0700, "Sean Scott"
      <sscott@...> wrote:
      What I'm looking for is referenceable, quotable, documented BSA
      policy, NOT opinion or guesswork or assumption, that supports this
      individual being allowed or prevented from becoming a leader.

      I'm not certain you'll find any such thing. What I'm aware of is:

      (a) There is (or was at one time) a BSA restricted "policy /
      prodedure" document available to Council Executives, which I *think*
      is called Maintaining Membership Standards. Ask your CE/DE to check
      that specific documentation. It may or may not help.

      (b) A few years ago the unit recharter materials included a letter
      to all unit committee chairs and unit leaders about it being the
      responsibility of the UNIT to conduct reference checks and criminal
      record checks before submitting the individual's application to the
      council office.

      (c) The law varies from state to state. Some councils in certain
      states are required by law to conduct criminal record checks for all
      applicants. In addition to requiring the council to conduct the
      record checks, the law probably documents what convictions are
      barriers to registration and for how long ... which may also vary
      from state to state. Other councils in other states leave records
      checks to the discretion of the unit leadership.

      (d) Policies may also vary from council to council. It is possible
      that your council's executive board may have established policies
      that are more restrictive than other council's in your state.

      In the absense of anything more definitive, I would look to the
      membership application itself. It requires three signatures: the
      committee chairman, the chartered organization representative, and
      the council executive (or representative thereof). If either the CC
      or COR say "no", and in this case the CC in question "initially"
      said "no", I think that ends the matter ... at least until / unless
      that CC changes his / her mind or is replaced. If those two
      signatories both say "yes", then forward the application to the
      council office, let the council's registrar and executives handle
      it. (For all you should know, it could / should be "business as
      usual" for them.) Reminder: At reregistration time, either the CC
      or the COR can always cross a name off the roster ... there's no
      guarantee of continued registration.

      Personally, I would *hope* that the decision makers involved would
      base their decision on the individual in question. TALK to the
      person. My personal opinion on suitability would vary depending on
      whether or not the person in question was a parent at the time the
      offense took place, whether or not the person is a parent now,
      whether the person is applying for a committee position (not
      necessarily in direct contact with the Cubs) or a den leader
      position (direct contact), what that person's attitude is NOW to
      his/her actions THEN, etc. And my opinion would be influenced by
      many other CURRENT factors ... does the person CURRENTLY: smoke,
      swear, drink excessively, have too many traffic citations, etc.
      Personally, I would *not* view the note of conviction on the
      application as a disqualifier. Look at it positively ... the person
      filled in the application honestly, truthfully. That tells me
      something. The conviction itself is a negative influence; admitting
      it is a positive influence ... net position ... neutral. So,
      evaluate the other factors, the TOTAL PICTURE.

      My $.05 worth;
      Mark Ritter
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