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Susan's Card

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  • Rick Rambo
    I get these stories from time to time. The only thing I would add it this verse I saw on a church reader board: “What you do and say today will make memories
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      I get these stories from time to time. The only thing I would add it this
      verse I saw on a church reader board:

      �What you do and say today will make memories for someone else � make good


      Susan's Card Story Editor:
      by Kirsten Smith Steve Phelps
      Lynnwood, Washington, USA

      I've always had a problem with self-confidence, especially as a teenager.
      If I was certain of my abilities I would shine, but if I had any doubts I
      would hang around in the background.

      I was in band because I knew I played clarinet well, but decided against
      trying out for the volleyball team because, though I'd earned a letter in
      junior high, I wasn't sure how difficult high school would be. I felt more
      confident about making the team my junior year, so I tried out. I made the
      junior varsity team, playing some games, and sitting out others.

      One team member who was a sophomore that year, and I never got along. To
      this day I don't know why, but we just couldn't stand one another. She was
      tall, thin, and very talented in sports, so probably some of the friction
      was jealousy on my part.

      As a senior I returned for volleyball tryouts, certain I would make
      varsity. It went well, but I was devastated when my name was not on the
      roster. The coach said she wished I'd tried out as a sophomore, it would
      have helped me make the team as a senior. Then she asked me to be a team
      manager. I figured I'd travel with the team, help with drills during
      practice, and if something happened, maybe get a shot at the varsity team. I
      said yes.

      If the practice drills required extra bodies, the other manager and I
      filled in. I gave 110% during these occasions to impress the coach. My
      nemesis was on the team, so I took extra delight when I was able to block
      one of her shots or make a good return. The coach even hinted she was sorry
      she'd cut me from the team.

      One day the team was doing a fun practice drill. I asked the coach for a
      turn after everyone was done. When I moved to take my turn my nemesis
      stepped up and said, "drills are just for players." I turned and left the
      gym before anyone saw my tears.

      The next day, another player, Susan, came up to me and handed me a card.
      Susan was a wonderful girl, the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. When
      I read the card later, it was obvious she had heard the "just for players"
      remark the previous day. She wrote that I was an inspiration to the team,
      that my spirit during games and practices encouraged her to play better. I
      was thrilled by her words and effort. She showed me that no matter what part
      you play in a team, you can have an impact.

      I still remember Susan's kindness more than 15 years later, and I often
      wonder what might have transpired in my life if she hadn't taken the time to
      write that note.

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