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Re: [Scouter_T] Training Team Job Descriptions

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  • Donna Grant
    ... me ... Please forward them to me as well: dg@tampabay.rr.com Thanks! Donna Grant Lakeland, FL
    Message 1 of 8 , May 27, 2002
      > My DE is wonderful about giving each District Committee Chair a job
      > description each year. I took his format and adapted it to for Cub
      > Scout Training Chair, Boy Scout Training Chair, Venturing Leader
      > Training Chair and for Team Members for each of these three program
      > areas. They are in WORD format and easily adjusted to contain your
      > information. If anyone is interested in receiving a copy, send me a
      > note and I will forward all or any of them to you. They have helped
      > to recruit people for the three sub chair positions and let them and
      > the training team have a clearer idea of what their job actually is.

      Please forward them to me as well:



      Donna Grant
      Lakeland, FL
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