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Re: [Scouter_T] Intro & help w/dilema

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  • Dave Loomis
    A complete listing of what was in the 2001 kits, on an order form that you can send in to National to get replacement items, is loaded here,
    Message 1 of 4 , May 19, 2002
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      A complete listing of what was in the 2001 kits, on an order form that you can send in to National to get replacement items, is loaded here,
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scouter_t/files/Basic%20Leader%20Training%20Files/training_order.pdf . As you can see, the Venturing kits included the Venturing Fast Start and Venturing Youth Protection tapes which
      is different as Venturing can be co-ed, raising other problems.

      Recently National issued the long awaited Varsity "brief case" with the new Boy Scout Leader Fast Start tape, 34877 - Varsity folks ARE Boy Scouts- the Varsity Syllabus, # 34877, and a set of Varsity
      posters, #34884. A order form included in the package also announced a Cub Scout Recruiting PSA video, and a Cub Scout: Fun at Every Turn Song video, another Cub Scout recruiting aid.

      If it is not too late, you might try to go to one of the Boy Scout Training sessions at Philmont this summer, where you will learn a lot more about the program and may be given the chance to buy many of
      these items at reduced cost.


      JNDunnMN@... wrote:

      > Signe asked:
      > >Were fast start tapes in the box?
      > >What about YPT videos? CD's? I found a paper in the box >that sounded like maybe even the Trainer Development >Conference materials were in there?
      > >That is what I need to know from the list now - what is >missing? I am ready & anxious to get the ball rolling, but >first I need to inflate this flat tire so it can roll.
      > First of all - welcome!
      > Next, some answers:
      > None of the Fast Start materials were included in "the box" (However more later)
      > Older Youth protection materials were not included.
      > Trainer Development Course materials _were_ included. The whole course (syllablus, overheads, handouts and one PowerPoint presentation) are on a single CD (Look for an orange CD that says "BSA 500")
      > There should be:
      > A purple "briefcase" containing NLE tape, syllabus (with CD) posters and little cardboard bridges.
      > A blue "briefcase" containing Cub Scout specific tape, syllabi (5)(with CD) and posters.
      > A green "briefcase" with Venturing tape (including the Personal Safety Awareness material), syllabus (with CD) and posters.
      > I understand from others on the list that there is now a further "briefcase" (Orange I believe) with Varsity Scout materials. This new case (issued after "the box") includes the new Boy Scout Leader Fast Start.
      > I only do NLE, Cub Training & YPT myself, so can't answer further questions about other materials, but would be happy to answer anything more, if I can.
      > YiS,
      > Jamie Dunn
      > Pack Trainer
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      > Blaine/Coon Rapids, MN
      > Cub Scout Training Chair
      > 3 Rivers District
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