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Going to Philmont?

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  • Dave Loomis
    This is a message I posted to my council s mail list about utilizing military facilities while enroute to Philmont. Although the message specifically
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2002
      This is a message I posted to my council's mail list about utilizing
      facilities while enroute to Philmont. Although the message specifically
      those flying in to Albuquerque, the import is universal, no matter how you are
      traveling, or what your route - there are several air bases in the southern

      If you don't know what bases are along your route, stop by your
      "friendly military recruiter"and look at the maps they have in most recruiting
      n.b. the accommodations are usually plusher at AF bases.


      Many of us have been selected to attend some advanced training at
      this summer and are already making plans for the trip.

      What many of us do NOT know is even after 9-11, military bases still
      ready to reduce the cost of the trip.

      Kirtland AFB is on the north side of Albuquerque Airport sharing runways

      with the airport. Kirtland has lodging and dining facilities available to
      and scouters en-route to training or high adventure trips at Philmont, that can
      used with a little preplanning.

      For scout groups, the base gym is available for little or no money, and
      entire contingent may eat at the Airman's Dining Facility - brings a whole new
      meaning to the concept of mess hall - for around $ 2.00 per meal. Groups of
      scouters may use the Transit Airman's Lodging Facility on the west end of the
      next to the static display of rescue aircraft through the ages, for around $
      per night.

      All that is required is a letter from Council, signed by your council
      identifying the scouters involved, the dates required, to the Commander,
      Combat Support Group, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117, sent suitably ahead of time to
      a reply to get back to your area, so you have a copy to present to the Security
      airperson guarding the gate when you arrive.

      If there are several of you traveling together to Philmont, it will
      probably be cheaper to rent a vehicle at Albuquerque, to be ready for you when
      arrive. Rents seem reasonable for those of us used to local prices and can be
      arranged over the Internet. You will certainly want some form of transportation

      for the middle of the week at Philmont. As you drive off the airport, heading
      north, look for and turn onto Gibson Bvd., heading east, along the side of the
      airport and KAFB. This street leads directly into KAFB, at the Gibson Gate.
      is a gate house and an SP office to the right, where you may get a temporary
      to the base - much easier than chatting up the gaate guards each time you pass
      through the gates. Heading along Gibson, you will dead-end into Wyoming Bvd.
      left to head north, and proceed almost to the next gate, looking for Club Road
      your right. Turn onto Club Road, and proceed to its end, where you will see the

      Base Lodging Facility on your right. The airmen, frequently women, will assist
      getting checked into your rooms for the night, or couple ofnights until you head

      north to Philmont. The transit lodging facility is back on the SE corner of the

      base, So you will have to retrace your route, until you see the gate at Turman
      on your left. Head south on Truman until you reach the flightline and then turn

      right. The quarters will be on your right about a block west of Truman.

      These are single, air conditioned, rooms with full comfort facilities,
      including color TV, refrigerator, and a coffee pot with supplies. Two rooms
      a connecting bath, but they are still well done, especially for military
      Once you are settled in, you will probably be about ready for supper, so head
      to Gibson Gate - see why I suggested a Visitor's Pass - and head over to the
      Airmans Dining Facility. The gate guard can give you directions, but it is a
      couple blocks SE from the gate, off 1st & H. This will be another pleasant
      surprise, as the AF does eat well. With any luck you will meet other scouting
      groups moving through the area. Last year we had the pleasure to meeting the
      Koshare Dancers, en-route to a demo at Philmont, and had the opportunity to talk

      with their leaders over supper. After supper you are welcome to roam around the

      base, or hit the nightlife of Albuquerque. Kirtland has several displays of
      and historic aircraft, at various location on the base. The National Atomic
      is located between M & K Avenues, on 5th St, and displays a number of aircraft
      have carried atomic weapons. On the other side of the base, geographically and
      philosophically, the Aerospace Rescue Service School has a static display of all

      the ARS aircraft since 1950. This is just NW of the transit quarters, so it
      be out of your way.

      For more information or information about what else is available at
      Kirtland for your pleasure you may contact Captain Dunlop, the Scouting Laision
      Officer at 505 846 3622, or e-mail me. n.b. DeLorme's Street Atlas will print
      a detailed map of the base if you like.


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