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JLT and Boy Scout Fast Start tapes review

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  • Lorie McGraw
    Hello Scouters Sorry for the crosspost again Okay, I just finished viewing the following Boy Scout Tapes. The New Junior Leader Training Video AV-02V013 is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2002
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      Hello Scouters
      Sorry for the crosspost again

      Okay, I just finished viewing the following Boy Scout Tapes.

      The "New" Junior Leader Training Video AV-02V013 is basically unchanged
      from the old one. This tape is the one that is being touted as the
      New Training (and the AV02 means 2002, I think), serving as the support
      piece to the Scoutmaster Junior Leader Training #34306. I think the only
      change is the addition (?) of a short 2 minute segment on Leadership
      Organization chart that may have not been in the other.
      Total running time is 47: 27 and has the same games and video clips as
      before, same characters and Tommy the Patrol Leader and his friends.
      Still a good training, but for those of you that were looking for a
      different tape to show the boys, forget it, it is the identical, or nearly
      so. If you have the old one do not buy the new one. Cost is $20 plus
      $7.50 for the printed materials, but you can make copies.

      The New Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Orientation tape #AV-02V026 on the
      other hand is WONDERFUL! Running time is shorter, 32:53 and it is
      closed captioned. Completely new and redone, the photography is great!
      (lots of shots of Philmont and Northern Tier), and the script is great,
      too. Excellent overview of troop meeting and outdoor program planning.
      Troop Committee section is excellent, too. All references are up to date
      with the New Leader Essentials and Leader Specific Trainings being
      mentioned, with the Troop Committee Challenge highlighted in the Troop
      Committee section. I would recommentd that all parents see this, even
      though it refers to "you as a leader" often, and it should be shown to the
      SPL, too. A wonderful training tape. Get a copy of this as soon as
      possible and show it to everyone in your troop. Glad I saw it second, as I
      was very disappointed in the JLT tape (I had my heart set on having
      different movie clips and some different games, too).

      Lorie McGraw
      Etowah Creek Training Team
      Columbia SC

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