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Re: Marketing outdoor training courses

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  • roundtableguy
    ... Hi there, I ve replied to Carla directly (Hi, neighbor!), but I thought I d share with the group as well. I agree with those who have said (or at least
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 6, 2002
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      > It occurs to me that in my district we are not marketing the course
      > correctly. Hence my question: How do you all advertize, market, drum
      > up business, etc. for the outdoor courses (BALOO, Web. Outdoors,
      > Intro. to Outdoor Leader Skills)?
      > Hoping to hear pearls of wisdom...
      > Carla Bigelow
      > Island District Training
      > ADC - Fidalgo Island
      > Mt. Baker (WA) Council

      Hi there,

      I've replied to Carla directly (Hi, neighbor!), but I thought I'd
      share with the group as well.

      I agree with those who have said (or at least implied) that the best
      thing you can do with training is make it fun. The thing that
      encourages me the most (true story) is when 4 or 5 people come up to
      me and say that they want to go again, just because they had a great
      time the last go-around!
      Another thing I think is helpful is the right venue. Some had
      suggested to me having BALOO at a church, school, or city playground.
      As far as I'm concerned, that's a prescription for falure. Last year
      we had it at one Scout Camp, this year, we're having it at another.
      What better place to talk about outdoor activities than at the place
      where it can all happen?
      Along with doing my best and having patience, I've come to the
      following conclusions:

      1. Think way ahead.
      2. Advertise at roundtables, on district and council websites, and in
      local scouting publications.
      3. Do whatever else the DE and others will let you (i.e., I was told a
      big "no" for direct mailing).
      4. Given all the above have been covered, all that's left is to have
      the most informative, most fun experience for the folks who take the
      time to get trained for the Cubs and Scouts. These will get that good
      old, "word-of-mouth" going. Of course, offering camping the night
      before and kid care don't hurt either!

      If I've done what I can, if we have more participants than last time,
      and offer a great time, I'm happy!

      Dave P.
      Klahaya District, WA
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