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  • wahowland@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      << And you will learn more than
      you ever could imagine, not only in your course but about Scouting and
      its roots, its heritage, and its values. Good luck and don't miss this
      wonderful opportunity. Oh, and one more thing - try to stay away from
      the Trading Post across the street at base camp ....it can be dangerous
      to your (financial) heath. :-) >>

      And don't forget, the Seton Museum (right next door to the PTC campground)
      has a lovely gift shop too. And there's a neat place in town you can get WB
      critter stuff <G>. Bring council patches-- the owners have a collection, and
      so do the folks at the old mill.

      Auntie Beans
      Cape Cod & Island Council, MA
      Training Committee Chair
      NSJ 1997, 2001 Nat'l Health & Safety
      Abake Mi-Sa-Na-Ki Lodge #393
      I useta be an Eagle....NEI-188
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